Blizzard Showcases High-End Collectible Overwatch Widowmaker Statue

For all of the collectors out there, you might be pleased to hear that you can now Pre-Order a high-end collectible statue of Widowmaker, from Blizzard’s team-based, first-person shooter game, Overwatch.

The new Overwatch Widowmaker collectible statue stands a little over a foot tall, at 13.5″ and is hand sculpted and hand painted to give a higher amount of quality and detail to the final product. Currently, there are no specific details about the team that sculpted her or who was behind the paint design because the product is still in the Pre-Order phase at the moment; so you won’t be able to get your hands on the statue just yet because Blizzard won’t start shipping them out until the end of the 3RD quarter of 2017.

In the meantime, you can take a look at the below image and drool over her to take in all the details.


The Overwatch Widowmaker statue isn’t the only collectible to hit Blizzard’s store, you will also be able to get the Tracer statue as well, that stands at 10 inches tall and features her striking a dynamic pose, with her shooting behind her as she dashes forward.

Last but not least, there is also the Reaper statue to complete the set of Overwatch characters. Reaper stands at 12″ tall, holding a pose with both guns stretched out at his sides while his jacket blows behind him. The first wave of Reaper statues has already shipped out, and the second wave is scheduled to ship at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The Tracer, Reaper, and Widowmaker collectible statues all cost $150.00 USD each. If you are a fan of World Of Warcraft, you can buy a limited edition Illidan Stormage statue, that costs $350 USD, and stands at 2 feet tall (24 inches).

If you are interested in buying any of the available collectible statues, they can all be found on the official Blizzard store page.


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