Cefore Puts Players In The Role Of An Intergalactic Demolitions Expert
Cefore Game

In order to extract and collect data from various planets around the galaxy, an intergalactic contractor named Baro must visit different planets, blow up structures using 15 different tools at his disposal, and retrieve the necessary items. The trick is, he’s not supposed to completely demolish the planet.

This is where players come in. Their job is to help guide Baro through a series of physics-based demolition puzzles, where you must use grappling hooks, balloons, explosives, and an assortment of other gadgets to deconstruct various structures within the environment in order to succeed.

Sound a bit crazy? Well, it is.

Developer Pixelz Games released the new trailer featuring 51 seconds of pre-alpha gameplay as part of their Greenlight campaign in order to get voted through to appear on the Steam store. You can check it out below.

What a delightfully pleasant looking demolition derby.

You can use the jetpack to reach new heights, you can use the grappling hook to pull down structures, and you can use mines and other equipment to excavate, remove, tear down or blow up whatever is in your way.

The game is entirely physics-based, and is about players getting creative and using emergent gameplay elements to progress from one planet to the next.

The objective is to unlock new upgrades for your ship so you can visit more planets and complete more levels.

Cefore - Gameplay Preview

The full game will have different skins and hats that players will be able to unlock for Baro, along with integration for Twitch streaming, and the possibility of multiplayer.

The diorama-style levels and wistfully inviting art-style helps Cefore easily stand out amongst the software throngs. Focusing on physics-based puzzle solving is also a smart move, since we don’t get a lot of physics-based gameplay from major AAA releases, which is a real shame.

So long as the different planets are inventive, visually diverse and challenging, I think Cefore has a real chance of becoming something of a sleeper hit akin to Space Engineers or Kerbal Space Program.

If you like what they’re pitching and you want to see this game on the Steam store, feel free to provide an upvote and a favorite for Cefore over on the Steam Greenlight page.

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