China’s Ban On South Korea Impacts Nexon; Could Affect Korean Game Licenses
Korean MMO
(Last Updated On: March 8, 2017)

America installed a THAAD missile system in South Korea. This angered China and they retaliated by putting a ban on South Korean goods, including video games.

Nikkei is reporting that Korean-based publisher Nexon saw a 7% drop-off in share price after investors pulled out when they found out that China plans to put a block on all imports from South Korea, which included video game licenses.

The report indicates that Nexon was still able to squeeze in approval for Dungeon Fighter Online to release in China, and the title is still planned to debut in the People’s Republic later in the year for mobile phones. Other games in development or already approved won’t be affected, but newer games and upcoming titles that have not been approved yet by the Chinese Ministry of Culture could be affected.

Nexon confirmed to Nikkei that their earnings haven’t been impacted by the Chinese regulators… yet.

Analyst Daniel Ahmed also chimed in on Twitter to explain the situation.

This could hamper the South Korean gaming industry more than what South Korean regulators and branches of their government have already imposed on the industry over the past years, which has ironically driven a few companies into the arms of China.

Despite the fate of games being up in the air, China’s deliberate move against South Korea has already caused a major drop-off in sales and revenue in other aspects of the South Korean entertainment industry, such as the K-Pop and K-Drama sectors. There have seen massive dips in sales and revenue for certain music acts and production companies since China’s ban has been instituted, as reported by Digital Music News.

What could this mean for the future of the South Korean gaming industry? Well, it all depends on how strict the  enforcement will be from China, and whether or not revenue will be impacted long term for Korean publishers.

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      nexon is on the good side right (or at least neutral side)? They fired the feminist actress who wore anti-men shirt

      • And after they did that, I believe they received a large amount of harrassment, protests and lynch-mobbing from “megalia”, some radical Korean feminist group. I even remember someone on Twitter posting images of these feminist protesters outside Nexon’s building.

        I remember someone saying that Nexon has an entire nursery section in their building dedicated to helping female staff with their parental/children needs. If that’s true then there you go, more special treatment and privilege for women then. So much for that equality.

        Seems these days no-one can ever speak negatively about that shit-stain of a movement without getting bullied, harassed and lynch-mobbed, and possibly having their lives ruined because of it.

        Men, especially Western men, have become utter cowards.

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