ChronoClock, Sekai’s Mature Visual Novel Now Available On Nutaku

The adult-themed visual novel from Sekai Project and Purple Software dealing with time travel, love, loss and self-discovery has officially launched on the adult-themed digital distribution portal, Nutaku. The name of the game is called ChronoClock and you can pick up the title right now for $32.

The game sees players in the role of Rei, a school student looking for love. He manages to get a little help from a magical timepiece given to him by his grandfather, known as the ChronoClock. This enables him to rewind time by five minutes.

Rei uses the timepiece to try his luck with finding out how various girls at the school feel about him, and rewinding time to avoid embarrassment. One day he happens upon a student who commits suicide and decides to rewind time to find out why. This opens up the game’s more dramatic elements while still keeping the tone lighthearted enough to fulfill the role of being a romantic comedy.

You can get a look at the art and some of the characters featured in the title with the trailer below.

Like many other visual novels out there, ChronoClock features multiple branching story paths that each have their own ending. Depending on the choices made by the player will determine how Rei interacts with the various heroines featured in the title, and how the relationships will end (or begin).

The press release notes that there’s about 30 hours worth of game time, and you’ll need about 4Gb of space for voice acting, CG images and music.

This is aiming to be a new avenue of revenue for Sekai Project and some of their more adult-themed visual novels aimed at being localized for the West in all their uncensored glory. This is something not available over on Steam due to their inconsistent rules about sexual content on the platform.

You can look to purchase ChronoClock right now from over on the official Nutaku website.

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