EA To Reveal New Star Wars Games At Celebration Orlando

Although there will be no official Star Wars Battlefront 3 in the near future, Star Wars fans instead will be getting other games and titles in the ongoing franchise. Starting on April 13th to April 16th at the Orange County Convention Center, EA will showcase the forthcoming games within the realm of Star Wars.

Hands down, I’m a Star Wars fanatic. I’ve read a great deal of the books, played a bunch of the games, watched a ton of the movies and spin-offs, built many figurine and LEGO sets, and still to this day crave more Star Wars stuff. However, I’m not fond of all Star Wars stuff like the Force Awakens and Star Wars Battlefront EA.

Speaking of EA, it is noted over on starwars.com that Electronic Arts will unveil new projects and games in the Star Wars series at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. This event will take place next month in April on the 13th and will end on the 16th, at the Orange County Convention Center.

According to the site, EA will be at the spot to showcase the latest Star Wars games and projects. This will allow folks or attendees at the event to play other games in existence (not the soon to be unveiled games), which must of them are on the line of mobile games and pinball-like titles.

If you want to share your two-cents with Electronic Arts and the rest of the team, there will be a special Cantina Community event — from Star Wars: The Old Republic — that will be off-site. This means if you want to know about game design and what it’s like to develop a Star Wars game, mark your calendars for April 13th and 16th if you want to meet them.

The Star Wars games that are known as of right now consist of an adventure game by Visceral Games, a second installment in Battlefront EA, and a new title from Respawn Entertainment.

Although I don’t know exactly what all will be unveiled at the event, I see a lot of people asking for Star Wars 1313, a new Podracer game and a new Republic Commando game. What’s for sure is that EA will reveal what they have in store for gamers on April 13th until the 16th. For more information on the event you can hit up starwarscelebration.com.

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