Eroico, Gorgeous And Uncensored 2D Side-Scroller Lands On Nutaku
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Most ero games that come out for the 18+ audience aren’t that great. If they’re side-scrollers they usually have passable mechanics and animations. If they’re shooters they’re usually on the line of H-Doom. The only real quality 18+ games come in the form of visual novels… until now.

Developer Kyrieru has developed a hardcore 2D platformer called Eroico. And by hardcore, I mean an actual, challenging, difficult game that requires fast reflexes, good hand/eye coordination and sound concentration. What’s more is that blasting through the game and defeating the monster girls will also reward players with a bit of TNA… hardcore TNA, and not the kind related to hand/eye coordination.

Eroico features three different stages to explore, with large, spacious levels filled with traps, platforming segments and various types of enemies, each with their own attack patterns and logic. The gameplay reminds me a lot of Legend of Iya.

The gameplay itself is far beyond anything you would expect from a ero title, and that’s quite evident in the launch trailer that you can check out below, and it’s somewhat NSFW.

The animations are exceptionally smooth, and there’s actually some depth to the gameplay mechanics. You don’t just bop heads and move onward. You have a block button in order to avoid taking damage during attacks, as well as counters you can use to take down foes.

Of course, this is still an H-Game so that means that there are moments sprinkled throughout the gameplay experience where the hero will succumb to the lusty desires of the monster girls.

Most surprising to me is how polished the game is. It looks and plays like something right off the SNES. If it didn’t have the hardcore sex, you would have guessed right off the bat that it was just another lost title from the 16-bit era.

In addition to the in-game sex scenes, there are also uncensored CG scenes available in Eroico as well. Those are a little too much for YouTube’s tastes.

You can download Eroico right now by visiting the official Nutaku website. The game is available for only $9.00 and it is DRM-free.

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