Fallout 4 Mods Add Moving Physics To Wires And Females

More physics-based content for Fallout 4 recently arrived via new mods and updates to previously existing mods. These mods allow wires around Fallout 4‘s wasteland to move around purely based on physics, which also applies to female Sole Survivors. Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The very diligent modder who goes by the name of CDante has a new mod that brings physics-based wires to Fallout 4. This physics-based mod allows phone-pole wires and other lines to move around accordingly, reacting to what’s happening out in the wild.

A video by CDante showing power-lines, phone-pole wires and typical lines moving about in various kinds of weather, as seen below.

You can get this mod by hitting up NexusMods.

The next mod on this list allows for folks to add proper jiggle physics to their female Sole Survivor. Both Ousnius and Caliente CBBE mods have been updated this month to reflect some new changes.

Starting with Ousnius, the recent update fixes a lot of crashing and translation errors. But if you want to learn how to add/use the physics the mod offers, you can watch a video guide by Astronaut Conejito that teaches how to add proper physics to your Sole Survivor.

You can get Ousnius CBBE Bodyslide and Outfit Studio over on NexusMods.

As for Caliente’s CBBE mod, it too also received an update that fixes slider options, various outfit compatibilities and more. A video guide by Gopher teaching folks how to install and use the mod sits below.

You can get Caliente CBBE mod by heading over to NexusMods.

The last mod on this list does not sport any physics, but it does overhaul the wasteland. Entitled as the “Dustbowl Overhaul”, the mod provides new adventures for those who are tired of the wasteland that they’ve explored for the umpteenth time.

The mod that may hold a bevy amount of bugs and floating objects comes in by Spiffyskytrooper — and if you come across any problems be sure to report them over to him so that they can be addressed quickly. You can check out the overhaul mod by Spiff.

The mod is currently on NexusMods if you want to download it.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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