Gamers Embrace Mass Effect Andromeda’s ugly characters To Create Abominations
(Last Updated On: March 25, 2017)

We all know the characters in Mass Effect Andromeda are fugly freaks that almost no one wants to play. We also know that the animations aren’t the prettiest thing we’ve seen in video games, but that hasn’t stopped gamers from still enjoying themselves by having fun with what they were given.

You probably already read the guide for how to make attractive female characters on Mass Effect Andromeda, but sometimes we play games just to have fun and have a good laugh.It doesn’t matter if a game has amazing graphics and good gameplay, if it has a character creation system, most of us will eventually play around with it to make something hilarious. If you’ve ever played any WWE game in the past decade, you know what I’m talking about.

And Mass Effect Andromeda  is no different. Gamers on YouTube, Twitter, and other Social media networks from around the world have taken to the internet to post pictures and videos to show off their original Ugly Ryder creations, you know, to demonstrate just how diverse you can make your characters.

Mass Effect Andromeda has a detailed enough character creation system that gives you enough options to make some real freaks of nature, allowing you to change the characters jaw line, eye height, makeup options, and tattoos to make a large variety of different characters. If the game has already dealt you a hand of ugly, you might as well go all the way and go full throttle ugly.

As you can see from the below tweet, Actor and Video game critic Steven O’Donell has created a humanoid Sanic The Hedgehog, and it looks, well… hideous.

We then have YouTuber penguinz0 who has uploaded a variety of videos to show off his masterpiece creations and took it even farther by making this beautiful creation. Look at those sexy beautiful eyes!

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Then there is BestAtNothing with his amazing killer clown from space character.

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Let’s not forget the ladies either, FuzziestKitty has created… well… whatever this is.


And last but not least, Clever Title Gaming made a similar abomination using the character creation system to make something that looks like a mix of the Female Titan from the anime Attack On Titan, combined with a terrifying looking zombie creature.

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Keep’em coming guys! If you own Mass Effect: Andromeda, take a screenshot and show us your ugly Ryders in the comment section below. Let’s see if someone can create something that can top the iconic Ugly Shepard from Mass Effect 3.

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  • Brian Hull

    What bums me out is they made the males similar to the models they are based on but did tons of “ugly surgery” on the females because all women are terrified of attractive members of their own gender? But men can handle it of course if the game has plenty of hot guys. How idiotically sexist is that.

  • EnocKls

    All Andromeda characters are showing the effect of radiation and thyroid issue during the cryogenic trip or drug abuse. Also is the plan to stop potencial buyers and trigger nightmares with a distortion of beauty (balance, proportion and symmetry) .

    • Actually it was to dissuade “straight white cis-gendered males” from finding the females attractive. They designed the females to avert the “male gaze”.

      So yeah… it looks like mission accomplished… except for the fact that any normal human, male or female, straight or gay, white, black, brown, purple, orange or teal would still find all of these characters hideous. So they’ve managed to turn off most normal buyers in the process.

      • Davrel Kex

        That’s stupid, and you’re stupid for thinking that.

        • Tell that to Anita Sarkeesian, she’s the one who came up with it.

          And other ME: Andromeda players have noticed it well before I did.

          Oh wait… you can’t tell it to Sarkeesian because you’ll be labeled a sexist misogynist and blocked on Twitter.


          • randomguy48

            Skyrim had ugly unsexualized women. The modding community fixed that right up.

      • Brian Hull

        Mission accomplished. They’ll be lucky to get 10% the sales of ME3.

  • LurkerJK

    I’ve noticed a lot of youtubers making clowns, imho by making them cartoony they are reducing the impact of the uncanny valley

  • Gozu Tennoh

    At least it’s good for a laugh if nothing else!

    That Sanic one is classic.

  • Pratim Gupta

    Looks like rejected Batman villains

  • Disqusted

    Almost as ugly as the default NPCs.

  • OH MY GOD, those female ones are fucking terrifying!