House Flipper Home Renovation Sim Surprisingly Looks Pretty Good

Well I certainly wasn’t expecting House Flipper, an indie game developed by Empyrean, to actually turn out to be a really cool looking game, especially for the fact that I stumbled across this hidden gem on Steam Greenlight.

House flipper has taken the power of the Unity game engine to create a home renovation simulator that looks like a pretty solid game. I clicked on this game thinking I would see a really low-quality meme based game, but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of time and detail they put into the game.

Players will take on the role of a home renovation agent, tasked with finding an old beat-up house for cheap, fixing it up, then selling it on the market for a good price to make a profit. The gameplay trailer for House flipper showcases the entire transformation process, from rundown cockroach infested dump to the most beautiful house on the block.

Players will be able to use their hammer to knock out the walls of the house to add more space — which is a great use of the physics engine, as well as rearrange the furniture and appliances for interior design and decoration, paint the walls, clean the windows, and they even have a mini-game where you will have to fix the wiring in outlets and play as an electrician. Pretty shocking gameplay features, right?!

You will also have access to a large variety of tools that you will need to accomplish the many tasks throughout the house that adds an even deeper level of detail to bring the House Flipping action to life. Take a look at the preview trailer that I linked down below to see the gameplay for yourself.


The Unity engine has become notorious for low-quality first person horror games, but sometimes we forget that the game engine can also be used for a lot more, and House flipper is a refreshing take on both first person simulation games and the use of the Unity game engine.

House flipper is currently scheduled for a fourth quarter 2017 release date, but if you would like this game to make it to Steam you can head on over to the Greenlight page to cast your vote and learn more about what the game has to offer. Additionally, you can also visit their Official Website for further details.