IGN, Kotaku, Polygon Fail To Make OpenCritic’s Most Trusted Sites Of 2016
(Last Updated On: March 23, 2017)

The three websites that represent the pinnacle of disgruntled gamers hating politicized, corporatized and agenda-driven news coverage are the three sites that didn’t make OpenCritic’s top 15 list of most trusted gaming sites for 2016.

This was revealed over on the OpenCritic blog, where they posted up an article on March 22nd, 2017 detailing the top top 15 most trusted gaming websites throughout 2016. According to the blog…

“This list is generated by looking at the percentage of users who included a particular publication in their personal score when that publication was available. To ensure that we have enough data for each publication, only publications that were listed on OpenCritic prior to October 1st could qualify.”

The top 15 most trusted sites can be viewed below.

  1. Easy Allies
  2. Eurogamer
  3. PC Gamer
  4. Giant Bomb
  5. Game Informer
  6. Ars Technica
  7. TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit
  8. GamesRadar+
  9. GameSpot
  10. The Escapist
  11. TechRaptor
  12. GameTrailers
  13. Destructoid
  14. Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  15. iDigitalTimes

Quite naturally, some people might hop to the defense and say “Well, maybe Kotakuy, IGN and Polygon weren’t listed before October 1st, 2016!” That would be a great defense save for the fact that Kotaku, IGN and Polygon have been listed since before October 1st, 2016.

You can check the profile stats for Kotaku, IGN and Polygon. Each of the sites have been on OpenCritic well before October 1st.

So clearly, the sites were eligible for making the list but didn’t exhibit content that users felt were trustworthy enough to make the top 15.

This isn’t too surprising given that gamers have regularly made their displeasure known with some of the larger sites out there. From IGN leading the charge with calling gamers “entitled” over the Mass Effect 3 ending, to Kotaku and Polygon focusing heavily on sociopolitical topics designed to divide and anger the community, it was bound to have an effect on how people saw all three sites in terms of trustworthiness. That’s not to mention that Kotaku and Polygon still have have trouble with simple disclosures, as outlined in their frequently updated DeepFreeze profiles.

One of the highlights of OpenCritic’s list is that at least fan-favorite, trustworthy sites like TechRaptor and individuals like TotalBiscuit managed to make the cut.

Others on OpenCritic’s most trusted list like PC Gamer still rank high despite them coming out against movements like #GamerGate, claiming that they chose to ignore the corruption in media, despite the fact that one of their own executive editors was dating a Ubisoft employee while promoting their games.

Alternatively, Rock, Paper, Shotgun most recently tried siccing a witch hunt on a developer after misconstruing code in order to claim sexism, and preach from a soap box about gender politics in Rimworld.

Ars Technica, Games Radar, Destructoid and Giant Bomb also previously had members on the GameJournoPros, and a few actively participated in unethical behavior, but it appears as if all is forgiven and the community still trusts those sites given their ranking on OpenCritic’s list.

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  • Phasmatis75

    Nichegamer, One Angry Gamer, gematsu didn’t make this list…but a bunch of shill sites do. Yeah that seems legitimate.

    • To be fair, we never signed up for OpenCritic and I didn’t check if Gematsu is on there. I’m pretty sure Niche Gamer is there but they usually cover niche games, so not many non-mainstream sites would have a strong presence given how they’re cornered into a market.

  • brainy37

    Eurogamer and Ars Technica are still up there because they have a huge base. Ars isn’t a dedicated gaming mag so they suck in many from their technical articles. Eurogamer has a location advantage and caters in many languages. Game Informer and Giant Bomb have a lot of content that isn’t game related plus have had a huge viewership long before GG or other gamer dust ups. That viewership is dwindling though and they have to walk a fine line. Still they’ve made strides in disclosure which is a good thing. They just need to get some better writers.

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    1. Never heard of that website. ?
    2. Eurogamer holds some intentional flame bait originating from mainstream opinion. 🙁
    3. Not much to say. ?
    4. Ok-quality articles.
    5. Not noticed any articles from Game Informer. ?
    6. What the fuck, Ars Technica. >:(
    7. There is a Totalbiscuit website? 🙂
    8. Never heard about any “+” service for GamesRadar. ?
    9. GameSpot has plenty of flame bait, much akin to IGN. >:(
    10. Some of its articles are good, though there are some questionable articles.
    11. TECHRAPTOR!!!! 😀
    12. Some favourite Internet content is on GameTrailers. 🙂
    13. That website is still recognised as an SJW website. 🙁
    14. LMFAO, Why? >:(
    15. Ok articles from iDigitalTimes.

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • Funtime Happysnacks

    It’s a weird poll that only applies to members of the site where this info was posted, and among them, members of the site who bothered to give that data.

    So if the members of that site are anti-Kotaku/Polygon etc, that may explain their absence.

  • Uncle

    IGN should be on the list, I never noticed them pushing SJW agendas, but Gamespot oh they ALWAYS do it, the on purpose hire ugly woman, they even had a trans working for them.
    IGN on the otehr hand, is simply tries to be a cool kid, they hire nice looking woman, they just a sort of Sports magazine version for kids where nice looking girls present sports and talk about football, in their case its games.

    Polygon and Kotaku are the WORST, no discussion. Destructoid tries to be polygon lite.

  • xanderglz

    Not even sure what destructoid is doing there. holmes is a pawn for she who must not be named disguised as an attempt for an editor. carter has a stupid thought process with reviews which almost always concludes in him giving low ratings to games he knows people like just because of the controversy and clicks. hansen is a failure of a reporter who only serves the site to do twitter journalism.

    And whitaker is simply the worst of them all. The embodiment of everything wrong with this current “games should be socially sensitive” mentality; he’s a bona-fide hypocrite, raging about topics and games that are easy to spot while having an internet footprint of wishing to buy the same kind of products he criticises. Also always makes an ass of himself only to claim his antics are satire and parody. Overall whackbot land has been going to shit from a while ago.

    • Mr.Towel

      Shit, it seems nothing has changed then. I stopped reading Desctrutoid through 2014 and by what you say, it seems it has gotten worse.

      • xanderglz

        It really hasn’t. Check the response I got from their founder: “durr you dont like reviews so let me direct you to a joke article durr”.

        Real, nice attitude they got there.

      • xanderglz

        Is this how you respond to criticism to your staff? With a joke article? How mature, dude. You’re really helping your case.

        But it’s good enough. If anything, it makes me confirm that reading comprehension and maturity from some of you clowns (including the site’s founder nonetheless) is apparently too much to ask for.

        In the end, you got what you wanted: I had to open the article expecting something to talk about, so the joke’s on me for adding one click to your counter. Have a like to your comment too, for a prank well played. 4 bloody years and you haven’t learned a damn thing after what happened with Alistair Pinsof and Holly Green. Dismiss everyone that doesn’t agree with you, you’re the only one in the right all the time. Blue ribbon to you, big boy. Keep up the good work.

  • Laytonaster

    Techraptor made it on the list; IGNorant, Cucktaco, and Politics fail to even make it. It’s a good step in the right direction for gaming news. Here’s to keeping up the momentum.

  • Reven

    I’m actually pleased to see Easy Allies on the list at all, in all the content I’ve experienced they’ve done a great job and not had SJW mentalities flow through. You can tell they love what they are doing and love games. Them breaking away from Gametrailers did them good I feel.

    • Uncle

      Breaking away? It closed down, everyone fired.

      • Reven

        Exactly, best thing that happened to them, since not everyone went to Easy Allies and now they aren’t owned by a parent company.

  • AR7777

    All antigamer sjw sites anyway except two or three, techraptor soldout years ago

  • Олександр Баб`як

    I’m not suprised to see those cites getting booted out of the list, I’m suprised those (along with around a dozen others) cites were put on the list in the first place.

  • Horrorstorm

    Big positive seeing Tech Raptor rising from the sewage that is leftoid media.

    • Phasmatis75

      They’re pretty leftoid. They openly promoted ISIS to be edgy in their IS Defense review. Site’s full of SJWs as well.

  • SevTheBear

    3 of them are okay. The rest crap or don’t know them

  • Eurogamer, the same SJW feminist cucks that banned Booth Babes from their events. lol

    Some real shit outlets on that list but then this is not a surprise seeing as most of them are mainstream.

  • FlamingoJet

    I’m a bit bothered to see PC Gamer, Ars Technica, and RPS on there. Aren’t they little SJW cuckholding dick sucking sympathizers, who also came out AGG?

    • Yep. But you can’t convince people PC Gamer is bad for their health given that they do offer some useful insight at times sprinkled in with their anti-GG stuff. The straddler sites are harder to pull people away from because they oftentimes say “Well, it’s not that bad.” It usually takes something like the PewDiePie Nazi stuff to spread through the news to wake the normies up.

      Ars Technica is still riding on the quality of the other non-gaming content, and RPS… I genuinely don’t know why people still trust RPS, but they do.

      • Mr.Towel

        I’m curious about Destructoid on that list. I visited that site everday many years ago. Then it started to get more and more lefty and hipsterish by the weeks. The whole Zoe Quinn thing was the last drop for me from that site.

        But I do wonder if they corrected their ways, at least a little. Niero doesn’t seem to be immersed that deep on the regressive koolaid seas, some part of me still has some hope.

        • Niero’s a businessman and he cares about the dollars. He’ll do what he can to make the site profitable. I don’t visit Destructoid often but I get the impression they’re trying to “find a voice” because they’re kind of all over the place, and Jed Whitaker certainly isn’t helping with his “lol I’m just joking, guyz” SJW mentality.

          • I don’t disagree with that review, either! I have a payroll. I’m not expecting to be made a saint, but I’m one of the few people paying people (and myself) to write about videogames. Making that payroll and paying my bandwidth bill is incredibly challenging, but I love it.

            Jed’s easy to pick on, but he’s also come a long way since he started. One day he’s going to be a big deal. People said the same about Jim Sterling and look at him now. I took a beating because I believed in Jim for years before he became famous.

          • Well, I know all about the bandwidth costs (it’s no joke), so you’ve got my sympathy there. At least Destructoid has managed to stay out of the kind of trouble Polygon and Kotaku find themselves in these days, and people seem to think the site is trustworthy according to OpenCritic, so I guess you guys are moving on the right track with some gamers.

        • haha, that’s a fair review. I employ a wide range of people and there is a mute function for the writers you don’t care for in the profile system.

          it’s hard to have a flawless record when publishing 700+ articles a month for 11 years in a row, and that’s certainly no excuse for fumbles, but we’re quick to disclose when we do goof. I do honestly care and put in the time behind the scenes to get that right

          • Mr.Towel

            Hahahaha, that’s why I said some part of me still has hope. You have the balls to march into the lion’s den and not be a complete dickhead while doing so. That takes courage and integrity, I can respect that.

            I agree about the flawless record. Journalism is like politics, it’s a dirty field and the more you stay in it the more chance you’ll have to make mistakes and get stained. I don’t expect a pristine record from anyone, I don’t expect even total agreement.

            But I have to disagree with the “wide range of people”, well, political range at least. Most mainstream news outlets try to at least get someone who is very different, ideologically opposed to them, to work with. So at least they can appear less biased or at least get some clicks from the other camp. That practice doesn’t seem to happen in games journalism. Its hobby and niche atmosphere makes people mostly call other people whom they are in some form close. They seem to take ideological disagreement as a personal attack. And from that you end up with an echochamber. You end up with an wide spectrum one political segment. Right-wing news gets all sort of right wings, left-wings gets all sort of left-wings, centrist gets all sort of high-and-mighty relativistic jerks so on. You end up with one or two journalists who are not so right-wing/left-wing as the others, but no one who is truly opposed to everyone else, it becomes just an ideological safe space, an echochamber. And that is my main problem with Destructoid right now, it’s all one color. Indeed a wide range of tones from that color, but still one color, I don’t find any voice for me there (not from the official and employed journalists at least), it feels just like a more light-hearted Kotaku, but still Kotaku.

            I know it can be hard to find opposing people who are even WILLING to work in such an hostile environment, even more after your regular userbase acquired the same political range as most of the journalists. But I still find depressing that this is the state of our hobby.

      • Reven

        The one piece of merit I give PC Gamer is Durante’s tech articles. They’re fantastic reads when he does an analysis of a port or releases a **Fix, or even his dev blog when he fixed the PC version of Little King’s Story for Xseed, by their wishes.

        • Very true. But Durante was brought on to PC Gamer after his marvelous work with fixing many Japanese ports for PC. So he’s not really a native staffer, but his work is appreciated with what he contributes to PC Gamer.

          • Reven

            True, but the fact they gave him the platform to do Digital Foundry level (and beyond) pc discussion is a plus in my book, even if it is the only reason I go there at all.

  • derram

    Still a lot of shit outlets on the list, though.

    • SevTheBear

      True, but a least we have a few good ones on the list

    • EroBotan

      well, convincing normies are hard ^^;

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130