IGN, Kotaku, Polygon Fail To Make OpenCritic’s Most Trusted Sites Of 2016

The three websites that represent the pinnacle of disgruntled gamers hating politicized, corporatized and agenda-driven news coverage are the three sites that didn’t make OpenCritic’s top 15 list of most trusted gaming sites for 2016.

This was revealed over on the OpenCritic blog, where they posted up an article on March 22nd, 2017 detailing the top top 15 most trusted gaming websites throughout 2016. According to the blog…

“This list is generated by looking at the percentage of users who included a particular publication in their personal score when that publication was available. To ensure that we have enough data for each publication, only publications that were listed on OpenCritic prior to October 1st could qualify.”

The top 15 most trusted sites can be viewed below.

  1. Easy Allies
  2. Eurogamer
  3. PC Gamer
  4. Giant Bomb
  5. Game Informer
  6. Ars Technica
  7. TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit
  8. GamesRadar+
  9. GameSpot
  10. The Escapist
  11. TechRaptor
  12. GameTrailers
  13. Destructoid
  14. Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  15. iDigitalTimes

Quite naturally, some people might hop to the defense and say “Well, maybe Kotakuy, IGN and Polygon weren’t listed before October 1st, 2016!” That would be a great defense save for the fact that Kotaku, IGN and Polygon have been listed since before October 1st, 2016.

You can check the profile stats for Kotaku, IGN and Polygon. Each of the sites have been on OpenCritic well before October 1st.

So clearly, the sites were eligible for making the list but didn’t exhibit content that users felt were trustworthy enough to make the top 15.

This isn’t too surprising given that gamers have regularly made their displeasure known with some of the larger sites out there. From IGN leading the charge with calling gamers “entitled” over the Mass Effect 3 ending, to Kotaku and Polygon focusing heavily on sociopolitical topics designed to divide and anger the community, it was bound to have an effect on how people saw all three sites in terms of trustworthiness. That’s not to mention that Kotaku and Polygon still have have trouble with simple disclosures, as outlined in their frequently updated DeepFreeze profiles.

One of the highlights of OpenCritic’s list is that at least fan-favorite, trustworthy sites like TechRaptor and individuals like TotalBiscuit managed to make the cut.

Others on OpenCritic’s most trusted list like PC Gamer still rank high despite them coming out against movements like #GamerGate, claiming that they chose to ignore the corruption in media, despite the fact that one of their own executive editors was dating a Ubisoft employee while promoting their games.

Alternatively, Rock, Paper, Shotgun most recently tried siccing a witch hunt on a developer after misconstruing code in order to claim sexism, and preach from a soap box about gender politics in Rimworld.

Ars Technica, Games Radar, Destructoid and Giant Bomb also previously had members on the GameJournoPros, and a few actively participated in unethical behavior, but it appears as if all is forgiven and the community still trusts those sites given their ranking on OpenCritic’s list.

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