Injustice 2’s Dr. Fate Brings Some Fancy Magic To The Fight
Injustice 2 - Dr Fate

NetherRealm Studios revealed another new character for Injustice 2, the upcoming fighting game sequel based on the comic book of the same name. The newest trailer focuses on Dr. Fate and his magic abilities that can zone the crap out of an opponent.

Dr. Fate’s fighting could best be described as Kenshi without the Tai Chi. He uses a lot of mid-range psychic attacks to keep his opponents at a distance while also dwindling their life with his abilities. He seems like he could be extremely dangerous in the tournament scene when put into the hands of the right kind of player.

You can see him in action below with the minute and a half long trailer.

Not only can Dr. Fate zone you with psychic combos, but he can also use his magic orbs to block an opponent’s path from getting close to him. It’s not unlike the acid orbs from Reptile or the buzzsaw from Kung Lao.

It’s really cool seeing the way Dr. Fate can chain together his moves and seamlessly blend his attacks from combos to projectiles to anti-air moves. He’s a very dangerous foe based on what they’ve showcased so far.

Fate’s ultimate move is a blast through a portal into a room where multiple renditions of Dr. Fate are there, ready to pummel, pounce and obliterate the opponent into the ether.

Now that we know that this long-time DC character is making his way into the fold of Injustice 2, I’m curious what role he’s going to play in the actual game? Based on his dialogue with Superman it sounds like he’s going to be against the Man of Steel, but things could turn out differently depending on how the story goes.

You can look for Injustice 2 to launch for the Xbox One and PS4 starting May 17th.

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