Karmasutra, Erotic RPG About The Atferlife Lands On Nutaku Uncensored
Karmasutra Visual Novel RPG
(Last Updated On: March 28, 2017)

After being crowdfunded on the adult-themed site Kimochi Redlight, the visual novel RPG from Top Hat Studios called Karmasutra has officially launched on the adult-themed digital distribution portal, Nutaku. The game is available completely uncensored, featuring more than 20 softcore and hardcore images.

Unlike a lot of other visual novels out there, Karmasutra takes on a very different kind of story. Instead of being a young lad trying to win over the hearts of some beautiful young women, you’re instead transported to a land between realms – a midway point between the world beyond and purgatory.

The only thing is, those who reside in the land can either take the journey of Samsara and attempt to ascend, or they can stay in the mid-realm and indulge in countless pleasures. Players will have the choice to traverse Tattva and cleanse themselves of all sin, or they will be able to reside in the afterlife to partake in infinite pleasures. The thing is, neither route is as clear-cut as it seems and the demons and dangers of the land will prove to be most difficult to overcome.

There’s a launch trailer to give you an idea of how the art and gameplay is setup. The combat system seems pretty basic, but GUI depth obviously wasn’t the focus in Karmasutra.

As depicted in the trailer, players will attempt to traverse across 25 different locations, and encounter up to 13 unique girls and seven different monster girls… all of whom can be seduced.

The gameplay and fantasy realm was supposedly inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, and there’s a long and winding story to unfold over the course of the visual novel-style interactions and choice system.

There’s no DRM, and you’ll need about 1.3GB of free space in order to run the game.

It’s certainly a title for those with acquired tastes. You can pick up a digital copy during the first week of the game being on sale for $12.00, after that the game will be available for the regular $15.00 price tag.

If you’re interested in purchasing the game, you can do so by visiting the NSFW Nutaku store page.

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