King of Fighters XIV DLC Rumors Swirl Around Rock Howard
King of Fighters XIV Rock Howard

Images were posted by someone who leaked previous roster details for King of Fighters XIV, pointing out that one of the upcoming DLC characters for King of Fighters XIV is none other than Geese Howard’s son and Terry Bogard’s protege, Rock Howard.

Maximilian did a video about the details and info surrounding the rumored leak, pointing out that it’s possible that Rock Howard could be making an appearance in SNK’s latest title.

The news about the rumor sent shock waves of hype reverberating throughout the KoF community. We haven’t seen Rock in quite some time, and his story in Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves was left unfinished. Many gamers from back in the day thought that SNK would finish off Rock’s tale in the King of Fighters and have him lead as a protagonist in one of the newer entries. It literally seemed like the perfect lead-in to introduce Rock to a wider audience given that there’s so much history there between him, his supposedly deceased father Geese, and his father’s arch nemesis, Terry Bogard.

Even though Terry defeated Geese and helped train Rock, there’s a ton of story potential there to unfold through a tournament game like King of Fighters.

That’s not to mention that re-introducing Adelheid back into the mix would make for a pretty sweet new generation showdown between SNK’s younger characters.

Of course, the common rumor is that following on the reveal of Ryuji Yamazaki, Vanessa and Whip, the fourth character will be Shingo, Kyo’s long time friend and pupil. It seems like a toss-up between Rock and Shingo, but if they decide to go with Shingo, maybe it’s so they can hold off on introducing Rock into the next game and putting a bit more story focus on his character? That would be cool.

Anyway, King of Fighters XIV is available right now for PS4.

(Main image courtesy of Noriko7)

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