King Of Fighters XIV Trailer Introduces Ryuji Yamazaki As DLC

King of Fighters 14 Ryuji Yamazaki

My all-time favorite character from King of Fighters has finally made a return to the series. Ryuji Yamazaki has been reintroduced to the long-running fighting game series as one of the handful characters in the new DLC for King of Fighters XIV.

SNK sent out a trailer recently highlighting the Japanese bruiser and his snake-fists while also showcasing some of his new moves.

The trailer is only 58 seconds long, clocking in at just under a minute, but it’s certainly long enough to give gamers a strong idea of what Yamazaki’s moves and specials are like. You can check out the trailer below.

It’s great to see the Sadism return. It’s a move that can really wreck opponents like Kim, Shingo, King and Billy due to the fact that Yamazaki can absorb and counter any neutral attacks or starting combos.

A lot of Yamazaki’s classic moves make a return, from being able to kick dirt into the face of opponents, to smashing them into the ground with a ruthless stomp, to Yamazaki’s uncanny ability to reflect projectiles back at opponents.

He’s a brutish character with a slick sense of style. His large and intimidating frame is accompanied by surprisingly quick fists. He’s easily one of the most difficult characters to master in the game due to the fact that his movement speed is slow despite some of his attacks being lightning fast. He’s good at getting off hard-hitting, devastating moves in short spurts. He’s a perfect character for throwing off your opponents and forcing them to have to readjust their tactics.

However, Yamazaki’s lack of mobility, limited aerial attacks and lack of combos mean that you can’t just dive in and unleash a lot of quick strikes like you can with characters like Robert, Ryo, Kim or King. You have to play it smart and paced when you’re fighting as the street gangster.

Yamazaki joins Whip as a set of characters due to be released as DLC for King of Fighters XIV. The other mystery characters likely include Vanessa as another entrant, while many suspect that the last character is either Shin, Shingo or Ash. Based on the hairstyle it looks like it might be Shin, one of Ash’s former companions.

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