King Of The World, Real-Time Strategy PvP Game Set To Hit Steam Early Access On June 12th
(Last Updated On: March 28, 2017)

Strategy game fans who are looking for another title to fill their time can look for King of the World to launch June 12th. The PC game set to come out for Steam Early Access on said date is currently being published and developed by Contec Games.

Sporting real world location names in a top-down, strategy-tabletop land comes Contec Games’ King of the World. The PC game is aimed to challenge players and offer a fun time to both newcomers and veteran RTS fans alike, all while promoting players to take chances in a real-time environment. The official description states…

“King of the World is the gameplay from RISK in a Real-time strategy setting. Fight up to 12 players against each other while scheming, backstabbing, making shallow alliances or simply conquer to become the last man standing.”

Upon conquering lands and other territories held by other forces, whether you are a tactical genius or a beginner, all players will face the same conditions at the start of the game. This system allows for newcomers to jump-in without any inhibitions, but it also allows veterans to master it easily due to its straight forward rules.

Multiplayer battles pitting others against each other is also present. The game supports 12 player battles where everyone is against each other, or if players want they can create a custom game to play with less people.

King of the World also allows players to progressively stack their success. In other words, upon conquering specific locations and controlling various regions they will grant that player an increase in income, points and reinforcements.

If the game seems like something worth checking out and watching, a trailer by the developer Contact Games sits below for you to look over.

The devs at the moment do not have an official site, but you can learn more by hitting up King of the World’s newly posted Steam Early Access Page.

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