King’s Raid Devs Remove Censorship Following Fan Complaints
King's Raid Censorship
(Last Updated On: March 29, 2017)

In order to appease the growing trend of third-wave feminist requests to censor the sexuality of fictional female characters, many developers have opted to cover up cleavage, make sure that the women in fantasy games are fully clothed with “realistic” designs, and remove things like jiggle or boob physics to placate SJWs, similar to Mortal Kombat X. Well, the developer of the action-RPG King’s Raid, Vespa Inc, received a lot of backlash after they attempted to censor and cover up their female characters.

Censored Gaming covered the incident, showcasing how many of the female characters in the game were covered up from head to toe to either hide cleavage, or add extra articles of clothing to lessen the sex appeal of the character illustrations and in-game models.

A large enough segment of their fans rebuffed this decision, complaining about Vespa censoring the characters in King’s Raid, the mobile hack-and-slash RPG.

The complaints were made in such abundance that just a day after the update was released, Vespa made a post on Facebook on March 24th, 2017 stating…

“We are aware that the update on March 23 has upset many of our Raiders, especially regarding the change brought to the Heroes’ appearances. As it is our ultimate goal to support and enhance the players’ experience, we have decided to take your voices to revoke some of the changes to the Heroes’ appearances.”

They showed an image of the characters that were censored in the previous update, and how they were going to uncensor them in the following update, following the fan complaints.

King's Rad Uncensorship

As you can see, not only did they alter the game’s anime-style illustrations but they also modified the characters’ 3D meshes, covering them up and attempting to make them more conservatively dressed.

The backlash over the censorship rippled through the reviews of the game as well, with people  complaining about the change.

While a lot of fans thanked Vespa for uncensoring the characters, others complained that the game should be censored and that they also need to remove one of the staple features in King’s Raid: the boob physics.

One of the people on the Google Play store going by the handle of Narendra MC wrote…

“Well, in overall its good. I just saw some comments about censorship and i really think that it doesn’t really matter to people who aren’t a bunch of horndogs. I support censhorship as it reduces the possibility of people becoming more attracted in to sexual stuff.”

The Facebook page where the announcement was originally made is now a full sociopolitical argument over censorship, female sexuality and identity politics.

Many male Asian gamers like the boob physics and cleavage. Many European and North American gamers are complaining about the sexualization of the characters and saying that the original art caters toward “perverted gamers”. Awais from Ontario, Canada wrote

“They didn’t even do anything wrong. Can’t believe how ridiculous most of you “adults” were over a little censoring. Absolutely ridiculous how no one appreciates a company for finally focusing less on satisfying the perverted “gamers” Nope, but it’s alright because as long as you get to drool over pixel tits, there’s nothing wrong right? Shameless community can’t think outside they’re horny little bubbles.”

As evidenced on the Facebook page, Awais was clearly in the minority with his beliefs and was shouted down by a lot of other gamers.

Additionally, Censored Gaming pointed out that Vespa never actually stated the reasons as to why they made the change in the first place.

The Western release of King’s Raid is rather recent, though. It launched back in the middle of February, 2017. The Asian version of the game was available since the middle of last year in 2016. The game was quite popular for bringing hardcore hack-and-slash action to mobile devices with PS2-quality graphics and a lot of fan-service.

As showcased in the video below from Android Gameplay, the in-game characters, illustrations and dialogue sequences were filled with plenty of fan-service, lots of cleavage and jiggle physics.

Vespa may have weighed the complaints of Western gamers versus Eastern gamers and attempted to make the change. However, if the gamers who actually bought microtransactions are the ones who enjoyed the fan-service, then Vespa may have decided to revert back to the uncensored version of the game to appease the people who actually put money in their coffers.

However, all of the above is just speculation when it comes to the reasons behind Vespa uncensoring King’s Raid. Unless the company decides to share their reasons — such as the Dragon Heroes developers who were forced by Google and Apple to censor their game — we don’t actually know why they censored and then uncensored the game, but it was pretty obvious a significant portion of the community was not happy with the censorship.

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  • Alistair

    About dragon heroes, they decided to uncensored the game and keep the censorship in as well.

    So it a win win all round.

    The fact remains as long the games are ecchi and not hentai it allow on android and IOS.

    • About dragon heroes, they decided to uncensored the game and keep the censorship in as well.

      Really? Are you saying they have some kind of Safe Mode option in the game?

      • Alistair

        Yes there two outfits you can get 1 uncensored the other 1 is censored.

        • Nice, some genuine progress at last.

          Now if only Western developers, localizers and publishers did this.

  • Alistair

    It such a pity it not out on UK IOS no boobies for me as a not so young boy.

    I can tell the different from fictional characters and factaul, not like awais for being a tit-Head, and it was shamebolic because he brought in his GF.

    One free of advice do not call people perverts and never bring your GF to back your claims.

  • Finally a step on the right direction when it comes to gaming.

  • Luke

    Privacy is our right, not for the Government to spy on us. The future is alternative search engines. We all need to us another search engine and than we take away the governments power, who have become to powerful, or we just go back to yelling loud try Lookseek com a no tracking search or one of the other alternative searches. Have a nice day

    • Thanks. I’ll look into that.

  • Disqusted

    Haha, the censored versions look boring as shit. Screw detailed, intricate patterns! *paints a plain, straight line*

  • Fear Me I Am Free


  • Gozu Tennoh

    Are we…………………winning!?

    • Not really. Just a corporate business decision.

      I guess it’s a “win” going by the fact that there are much more anti-censorship people in the posts.

  • Krimhelm

    Kings raid is honestly a mediocre game. Play enough games from Korea, China/Taiwan, Japan and you’ve pretty much played them all, just reskinned and rehashed until a new unique game comes along for more reskinning and rehashing.
    That being said, censoring mobile games is stupid.
    Trying to appease a moral clique by ignoring the global, paying, masses is stupid.

    • Adrian Hartanto

      my google play games level is 24, and i have installed over 500 games in my life span. that being said, kings raid is so.much above mediocre, i know it just reskinning and else, but the graphics and engine makes the game to be more versatile and dynamic than most of china and kor games

  • I’ve said it before, all that’s needed is to implement a Safe Mode option in the game that censors out the “problematic” content, or in this case, “perversion” as those censorship-defending retards call it.

    That way, everyone wins and it shuts up the white-knights and feminists (in this case at least).

    Still, never thought I’d see the day when “REVERSE CENSORSHIP” (a play on SJW’s “reverse racism” and “reverse sexism” phrases) of this kind of thing would happen. It’s usually a case of when the tits are censored, it remains like that forever.

    Assuming that Vespa do not change their minds again, I hope to see more of this happen to censored games. This is one example that proves that speaking out against censorship in numbers DOES work (assuming that it’s the reason they uncensored the game).

    • Also some mistakes in the first sentence of the article Billy:

      “In order to appears the growing trend of third-wave feminist requests”

      • Thanks for catching that.


    • I think in this case, Vespa knows their audience and it just didn’t make sense to cave to people who don’t play the game. I’m pretty sure if the numbers justified the censorship they would keep it. Then again, maybe they’ll do what you suggested and add an SJW-friendly mode so you can toggle it on and off, for those who want a censored game.

      • I’m pretty sure if the numbers justified the censorship they would keep it.

        Definitely 100%. At the end of the day, companies just follow where the money is.

        That’s probably why they censored it in the first place, after seeing all the SJW complaints. Then when they saw that the SJWs/White-Knights were being outnumbered (like you suggest in the article), they decide to uncensor it. Sounds pretty cowardly to me.

        There’s not a moral bone in any of these companies.

        Then again, maybe they’ll do what you suggested and add an SJW-friendly mode so you can toggle it on and off, for those who want a censored game.

        I really do think that’s the best option in the culture war, because it results in both sides getting what they want.

        But we all know SJWs/feminists won’t be happy with an idea like this of course, which exposes them for the authoritarians they are who have no interest in video games.

    • BubbaHoTep

      I doubt that a safe mode would be enough for them. The mere idea that it could still be accessed is just too problematic.

  • Vrenna

    Shaming people for their tastes is becoming a ticket to hell as people are increasingly waking up to fight against moral busybody authoritarians.

  • Etherblaze

    “I support censorship”

    Didn’t read the rest of that comment, just skipped.