Kio’s Adventure: Twisted Horror RPG Coming Soon To Steam

Don’t let the cute retro graphics fool you, I watched an 18 minute long playthrough of Kio’s Adventure, and it was pretty dark. Developers Spacelight has recently submitted their game to Steam Greenlight, and the community has voted this twisted RPG horror game through to become an official Steam Game.

It looks like Kio’s Adventure has already been out for a couple of months now in China because you can find several gameplay playthroughs of the game on YouTube. Within the 18 minutes that I watched, there were several parts that had me going “WTF did I just watch?!”. The art style and story reminds me a lot of Yomawari: Night Alone.

The story and setting seems to be on the line of Silent Hill, where Kio is transported to another world (Perhaps the spirit world?) and must try to escape, but everything in this world is filled with blood, guts, deadly traps, and evil monsters that are attempting to kill her in a variety of ways.

One thing I noticed that helps to enhance the gameplay and creates more immersion is the sound effects. Kio will gasp, cry and make other sound effects throughout the game as she encounters the strange things around her. The developers have also given her multiple pictures when the text dialogue boxes pop up so that her sound effects matches her facial reactions. I think this helps to set the tone of the game because the character reacts to what is going on and understands that the things happening around her is messed up, and her fear transfers into your fear.

The art style for Kio’s Adventure is in classic retro pixel art, like most indie games, however, when you die or come across special events, it has high-quality hand-drawn pictures to illustrate the event, just like the one you see in the header image. Take a look at the gameplay teaser trailer for Kio’s Adventure that I linked down below.

Kio’s Adventure doesn’t have an official USA Steam release date yet, but the game appears to be finished. All they have to do is finish the translation for the game so I would expect that it should be ready to launch soon. You can follow Kio’s Adventure by visiting the Steam Greenlight page to stay up to date with all the latest news and information for the English release.

Furthermore, if you don’t mind spoilers, you can check out the Chinese version to see 18 minutes of gameplay in the video I linked down below from MIN LI’s YouTube channel. Warning, there are a few images and scenes that are NSFW.


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