Life Is Strange Nude Mods Arrive For All Episodes
Life is Strange Nude Mod

One of the surprise hits of 2015 was Dontnod Entertainment’s Life is Strange. The game took place over the course of five episodes that managed to really resonate with a specific audience within the gaming community. Well, given that the game was made available on PC it was no surprise that certain modders took liberties with exploiting the character assets and creating nude mods.

Modder Art of the Body managed to create two different NSFW nude mods for Life is Strange. You can download both right now by visiting he Chloe DeviantArt link or the Max DeviantArt link.

Both mods are obviously not safe for work. They also span the likes of all five episodes. The Chloe file is 63.7MB, while Max’s file is 102MB. You can see a demonstration of the mod by clicking the image below to see a collection of the screenshots. The screenshots are obviously NSFW.

Art of the Body explains what was changed for Chloe, writing…

”The main four costumes are 1. Chloe’s vest and trousers, the vest is now torn and the trousers have been replaced with a torn mini skirt (still not sure what it should be called so that’s what I’m just gonna call it). There are no panties, so Chloe’s vagina and butt can be seen from some angles. 2. Chloe’s vest, trousers and jacket, this is just the same as 1 but with the jacket. 3. Chloe’s swimwear, this has now been replaced with transparent swimwear, which expose all of Chloe’s body. 4. Chloe’s PJs, the top is now torn to reveal her breasts.”

The same applies for Max as well. He explains that all her clothes have been made to expose the naughty bits and give gamers a real eye-full of the junior photographer.

There’s a demonstration of what the mod looks like in action with the image below, you can click through for the uncensored version.

Art of the Body does warn that sometimes there will be loading issues when both the Max and Chloe mods are installed. He explains…

“A little glitch I’ve seen happen when using the Chloe nude mod as well as the Max one, is sometimes Chloe’s textures take longer to load, you may need to get close to her or spin the camera around.”

It’s something to keep in mind if you decide to download both mods for the PC version of Life is Strange.

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