Lost Ark Releases 20 Minutes Of Epic New Gameplay Footage

I’ve been following this game since it was first announced, and I have to say that Lost Ark looks absolutely amazing!

I’ve always been a big fan of MMORPGs, but the problem with most of them is that they are nothing but a giant grind-fest where you train to get strong to access a new area, so that you can train to get stronger to access a new area, and you rinse and repeat that until the developers get tired of adding new areas. But it is very rare if the MMORPG has any type of story, groundbreaking content or substance to the game that hooks you to make you keep coming back for more.

Lost Ark, on the other hand, is doing things a bit differently by having cinematic gameplay elements and a large focus on story-driven gameplay.

YouTuber Infinity Games was given access to the early closed Beta builds and has been uploading his playthroughs to show off a bits and pieces of the game; and it is breathtaking. The below gameplay video that I linked shows the new female bard class character as she assists “The Hero” to retake a large fortress overrun by enemies and giant monsters.

The battles continue to escalate as they become more and more extreme as the army makes their way to confront the enemy general, and it finally ends in an epic climax between a giant summon monster and “The Hero” facing off in one final battle.

The way the game keeps the focus on the story but also includes the player in on the action is a nice change of pace because the Bard player does a lot to influence the story, but for this particular battle, they aren’t the one that is actually saving the day and leading the troops to victory. Now I could be wrong because the game is all in Korean right now and I can’t understand a single word that is being said, but just going by the events and how they play out, we can speculate what’s going on.  Take a look at the 20-minute long gameplay video that I linked down below to see all the action for yourself.



The game developers have said in the past that they are looking for a global release after the initial testing phase in South Korea, but there is no word yet when exactly the game will make its way to the North American region. I love the cinematic camera, the story elements, the voice acting and the music. So it looks like the Lost Ark team is making some pretty good progress.

Stay tuned for further details and announcements as they are released. You can learn more by visiting the official Smilegate website for further details.


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