Mashiro Witch: Midnight Marchen Announced For Mobile Devices

One of the latest mobile games set to come out this year over in Japan for iOS and Android devices is Square Enix’s Mashiro Witch: Midnight Marchen. The RPG mobile game has no Western release as of this moment, but it will hit handsets and tablets in Japan in 2017.

Mobile RPG fans who adore magic, bright colors and free-to-play games will more than likely enjoy Square Enix’s Mashiro Witch: Midnight Marchen.

The game announced by Square Enix from its Business Division 10 studio, sees players assuming a girl named Mana Asahina; she has suffered from an amnesia like instance that resulted in her losing her memory of her mother, who she is now looking for. Joining an academy to help further her investigation, she stumbles upon more clues about her missing mother.

In addition to the above, while Mana is looking for her mother, witches who are human/creatures have turned detrimental character traits into negative magical power, and use this negative energy to wield magic.

According to the main site for the upcoming game, negative emotions are the main source of the world’s magical power, and upon channeling these negative emotions as magic, they increase in power and become even stronger emotions. Speaking of the official site you can read a snippet of Mashiro Witch’s story below:

“The world, on the verge of destruction, is ruled by witches known as the Six Princesses, who make up the Princess Banquet. In order to save the world from demise, magical girls take to battle. The Six Princesses are afraid and try to use rare beings known as Pure Whites (Farbros) in order to relieve the magical girls of their everyday lives.”

You can check out the latest trailer for the upcoming mobile game below.

Lastly, the game will allow for cooperative battles. Facing off with challenging enemies comes a variety of skills through Union Magic that brings players together through magical power combinations.

Mashiro Witch: Midnight Marchen is set to come out in Japan sometime this year, and will be for iOS and Android devices. For more information on this game you can hit up

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