Mass Effect: Andromeda Public Multiplayer Test Cancellation Is A Bad Omen
Mass effect Andromeda Sara Ryder

If you were looking forward to testing out the multiplayer in Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll have to do so in person when they have a special build of the game on display at this year’s PAX East, taking place between March 10th and March 12th.

Over on the BioWare blog they announced that the multiplayer portion of Mass Effect: Andromeda would be on display to the public for the first time at the BioWare Base in room 2AB.

However, there won’t be a public multiplayer test. They state in the blog…

“We’ll be running 12 NVidia PCs from 10am-10pm, giving you plenty of time to join the fight. You can also visit Microsoft on the show floor (booth #13019) for your chance to play on Xbox One.


“While we will have live multiplayer at PAX East, there will no longer be a multiplayer tech test for players at home. Thank you to everyone who signed up. We look forward to seeing you in Andromeda.”

The original plan was to allow players to play-test the multiplayer for Mass Effect: Andromeda from home, but now that’s all done away with while there’s just a few weeks left before the game’s release.

It’s usually not a good sign when your game – even after having gone gold – is still being withheld from the public so close to the actual launch. It reeks of absent confidence.

This is no surprise given that the marketing for Andromeda has been inconsistent and somewhat lacking. From the community backlash over the unattractive characters, to the last ditch effort to shore up the game’s nudity, to one of the designers expressing his racist agenda, BioWare seems to be floundering when it comes to delivering a direct and believable message for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Canceling the multiplayer test just seems to be another step in the wrong direction for trying to win over eager fans and skeptical critics.

Regardless, you can look for the sci-fi RPG to launch on March 21st later this month for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One.

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