Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Guide For All Characters
Mass Effect Andromeda Romance
(Last Updated On: March 21, 2017)

Mass Effect Andromeda has just recently launched, but gamers have already gotten their hands on it and have started getting busy to romance everyone aboard the ship. In this guide, we take a look at the characters and the best way to romance them.

According to the gaming website Fenix Bazaar, the author that wrote the article has found the best way to romance majority of the characters, however, he does state that it can be tricky at times because if you choose the wrong answers or give off a bad first impression, you can be locked out from ever romancing that character again, while other characters require you to first complete a specific task before you can get down and dirty. So, let’s get to it.

1. Avela Kjar

Preference: Scott Ryder

Avela is one of the off-shop characters you will be able to romance. You will first need to visit with Aya and then meet with Evfra, then head down to the docks and talk with Avela. When the option presents itself you will select “To meet people like you”. From there you should be free to start romancing her.

2. Cora Harper

Preference: Scott Ryder

You will find Cora (shown in the header image) at the start of the game on the Ark. Fenix Bazaar recommends you to make nice with Cora even if you don’t plan on romancing her so that you can utilize her biotic powers while in combat. After she joins the crew, you will need to then head down the ladder and go to Cora’s room. From here, when you start romancing her you will want to stick with the emotional options and then choose “We’ll be good together”. Last but not least, you will need to Compliment her often, ask more about her military past, and then complete Cora’s Alliance missions.

3. Gil Brody

Preference: Gay, Scott Ryder

Given that Gil works as the Tempest’s technician, you will find him with the Tempest’s systems at the back of the ship. You will then head to the cargo bay and talk with Gil. Start off by choosing all the options to flirt, then when the option presents itself choose “I do more than show up”. This will trigger the romance with Gil.

4. Jaal

Preference: Sara Ryder

After you recruit Jaal and during the introduction for the Tempest Tech Lab, select the flirt option, “One More Thing” while you’re having your dialogue conversation, which will open up more romantic options. You also need to have this conversation before the “A Trail Of Hope” quest.

5. Lexi T’Perro

Preference: Scott Ryder

Apparently, Lexi is ony of the more challenging romantic characters to seduce. When you first meet Lexi, there will be an option that read “You’re full of surprises.” and that should trigger the romantic dialogue. You will need a good balance between the Logical and Emotional options to get on her good side.

6. Liam Kosta

Preference: Sara Ryder

You will have to go to the back of the cargo room and chat with Liam who will be sitting on the couch in front of the television. Proceed to Compliment him and his company and it will activate the romance options.

7. Peebee
Bisexual, Scott Ryder and Sara Ryder

Peebee is a character that is described as being both playful and a bit of a smart whippersnapper, so if that’s your thing, go for it. The very first time when you meet Peebee and she jumps on you, the one thing you don’t want to do is push her away. Once you make the decision to push her away you’ll end being locked out of the romance dialogue options for the character. You’ll also be presented with a conversation about “waking them up”, you will need to respond with “So we follow the thread”. Last but not least, try not to offend her with stern responses, so stay on her good side.

8. Reyes

Preference: bisexual, Sara and Scott Ryder

Reyes seems pretty easy, all you have to do is reject Sloan’s deal, then choose to allow Reyes to kill Sloan. This will trigger the date night and flirting options to romance Reyes.

9. Suvi Anwar

Preference: Sara Ryder

Suvi is on the bridge of the ship near the galaxy map. Suvi talks and reflects a lot about Life, God, faith, and science, so it is recommended that you talk casually with her. Suvi also collects data across the worlds, so you’ll be hearing from her often. When suvi first joins the crew you should welcome her and select the “I could show you” option it pops up. Suvi seems to also take a bit of time before you can actually start romancing her.

10. Vetra Nyx
Preference: Bisexual, Scott Ryder and Sara Ryder

The emotional romance dialogue option will open up after you first meet Vetra on the Nexus. Make your way to the cargo bay and talk with Vetra, then select the option “You’re Intense, I like it” when it presents itself. From there, you can proceed to start flirting with Vetra to trigger more romantic interactions.

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