Mass Effect: Andromeda Video Reveals Janky Female Animations
Mass Effect Andromeda Animations

A new video has been posted up for Mass Effect: Andromeda courtesy of IGN. The 17 minute video focuses on Peebee’s loyalty mission. They turned off the music for narration purposes, and wanted to showcase the game’s combat, dialogue interaction and movement.

You can check out the video below.

Thef irst thing you’ll notice is that default female Ryder still looks really odd, but even more than that is that the female Pathfinder animations looks terrible, and that’s being nice about it.

First of all, the female Ryder walks like a man; bow-legged.

Additionally, the character runs around a bit clumsily. I suppose that’s to juxtapose the fact that these are scout class personnel instead of soldiers, so they aren’t very tactical in their movements… maybe?

Regardless of the reasons for the ungraceful movements of female Ryder, this marks an incontrovertible truth for Ryder in general: no matter how much you try to beautify your female Ryder, she’s always going to move like a gimped Dwarf with an identity complex who believes that he’s Naomi Campbell.

If you’re okay with the bow-legged females, then there’s nothing to worry about as far as the movements are concerned.

We eventually get to see some different weapons on display in the combat scenario. The guns look really cool, and they have a great sense of effectiveness and weight. One of the sniper rifles actually feels like it has a kick to it. The grenade launcher seems a little on the weak side, but some of the other guns at least seem impactful.

In this regard, I will give BioWare props where props are due. They managed to make the guns seem effective, which has been my biggest gripe with the weapons in Ubisoft’s upcoming Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

As for Mass Effect: Andromeda, the battles remind me of a lightweight version of Gears of War.

We also get to see another Asari who isn’t Peebee or the doctor. Unfortunately, she still looks kind of slackjawed and masculine. It’s so bizarre that the feminine aspects of the Asari in the previous Mass Effect games have been replaced with more husky looking characteristics. I suppose they wanted to veer away from the super model looks of the Asari in the previous games, but it’s just odd that they would go so far out of their way to make the characters less standout by giving them obvious unattractive features or traits.

Anyway, the YouTube comment section was not pleased with what they heard or saw.

The downvotes speak volume.

There are still some BioWare fans in there claiming that the game will be fine, and that they like that female Ryder isn’t too sexy. There’s the typical “real female naval officers aren’t super models” all while ignoring that Scott Ryder still looks like a sexy mofo from out of a GQ magazine. But oh well, I guess double standards are the order of the day and poor animations will be the mark of your 30 hour journey through Mass Effect: Andromeda when it launches on March 21st.

Some people, however, have opted not to buy the game after seeing the racist tirades of one of the developers, causing them to state that they will be boycotting Mass Effect: Andromeda due to the racism.

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