Nederland’s Authority Provides Safer Conditions of the Game
(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)

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Have you ever heard about prominent Holland casinos? The thing is that they dated back to XIV-XV century and become more popular with every century. Nowadays, it is estimated that there are by far fourteen casinos on the Nederland’s territory. All of them belong to the same company that is named Stiching de Nationale tot Exploitatie van Casinospelen in Nederland.

Many countries have some rules and regulation regarding casino games, Nederland is not an exception. Dutch Gaming Authority has all power to control all casinos in that country. By the way, it is considered to be like an independent supervisory agency that took responsibility not only for gambling market, but also for the appropriate license of games of chance. If real casinos are more or less safe and trustworthy, online ones could make you be in two minds. However, Dutch Gambling Authority has taken care of them also, so you should not worry about safety. Online gambling today should not be underestimated because it changed the course of gambling history once and for all. Numerous players prefer to play online games to real one. It is more convenient, available at any time of day and gives a golden opportunity try the wide range of games. Take a look at Nederlandsgokken NL to find the top of the best online casinos there. Here you could also see the news about the last winners and sum of money. For example, Louise B has won more than 4 thousand euro. In addition, you could take a look at the jackpots that players are hitting at that moment.

At recent time, the online games policy is still being elaborated and developed, however, it is considered that it will come to reality in 2017. There are some main aims of it like protecting players, reducing the quality of gambling players, checking the legacy of a particular casino. As far as rules of real casinos go, Gambling authority has changed and approved certain Holland rules and regulations in the casino. For instance, people who do not have a passport, driver’s card, ID or any other certificate that will prove that he or she reached 18 could not enter the casino building. Once the player manages legally to enter, he or she have to pay an entrance fee of 5 Euros. Moreover, do not forget that some casino demands a dress code. So, it is for miles reasonable to play online casinos that are cheaper and do not request to follow these strict rules.

All in all, if you have a burning desire to hit the jackpots, there is a wide range of varieties that could make your dream come true. At Nederlandsgokken you will assure that information is real power. This guide definitely will help you to find out the trustworthy and legitimate best online casino websites, provide you with useful and necessary information and latest news in gambling sphere. Without a doubt, you have a feeling like you cannot wait a minute to get started! Do not hesitate and try once – maybe you will become rich this night.

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  • DizzyGear

    This discussion has been going on for years over here. Everyone here knows that the real reason they came down hard on online gambling has nothing to do with quality control and more about Holland Casino losing its monopoly on legal gambling in the Netherlands.

    And its not just online gambling the authorities came down on with righteous fury in the Netherlands. Even simple stuff like employers holding small cash betting things for soccer competition results for their employees could expect a visit from the police due to “illegal gambling”.
    At some point people tried to get creative and create their own games and claimed the games were skill based instead of luck based to get around the gambling laws stranglehold but they all miraculously lost when it got brought to court…

    • Interesting info. I know gambling laws in different regions take on all sorts of different restrictions and requirements, or are outright made de facto illegal. I doubt there’s ever going to be a proper middle ground, especially the way legal gambling always seems to wreck havoc on impoverished regions.

      • DizzyGear

        Well the real kicker is that Holland Casino is part of the Dutch state and its making them allot of money so yeah that’s the main reason the authorities comes down hard on gambling that’s not going through Holland Casino.

        But the whole “its for your own good that we handle the gambling” excuse they feed us is just insulting IMO. Ive known someone who would gamble away his entire months salary at Holland Casino in a day and its not like they stopped the guy at the door telling him to seek help after the 3rd time or something.