Nier: Automata 2B Nude Mod Now Available For Download

Nier Automata Nude Mod

Well it didn’t take long for modders to start working on ways to further strip down 2B, apart from the self-destruct sequence that allows you to remove 2B’s skirt. The latest and first major adult-themed mod to become available for Nier: Automata features the stoic android, YoRHa unit 2B, stripped down to a crotchless and top-less lingerie set.

According to the NSFW site Sankaku Complex, modder Art of the Body rolled out the mod that you can download over on the DeviantArt page.

The RAR file is only 2.7MB but that’s the least of your worries. There’s a bit of a process in order to get it to work.

They explain over on the NSFW Undertow.Club that you’ll need the Resorep utility.

Download that and then place them in the modded folder. If you need help on how to replace the textures by hooking into the game files.

Use Resorep to hook into Nier Automata’s .exe file; extract the modded files and place them in the Resorep modded folder and then run the game as usual. There’s a video tutorial on how to do this courtesy of Mr. Jag.

The mod itself sees 2B made mostly nude. Her leotard exposes her naughty bits, featuring a detailed genitalia and exposed breast and nipples.

The outfit is something akin to a Gothic version of what you would find from Federick’s of Hollywood.

2B will start with her skirt on, as usual. You can use the self-destruction technique to remove the skirt and run around practically buck naked. There’s a demonstration of what the mod looks like in the game with the censored images below. If you click through, though, it will take you to the NSFW version of the images.

If you like the work that Art of the Body is doing, you can actually support the man and his dedication to nude mods by visiting his Patreon page.

He’s also one of the first ones to successfully make a nude Batman: Arkham Knight mod.

Platinum Games’ take on Yoko Taro’s title resulted in the game becoming an instant smash hit on PC, managing to top the charts the first week out. There were some launch day woes, but the community has been working around the clock to ensure that the game is getting fixed as quickly as possible. A lot of people want to ensure that Nier becomes a big enough success so that Square will continue to support the series in the future.

You can pick up a digital copy of Nier: Automata right now for PC, or you can grab a physical copy for the PS4. Take note, though, if you get the PS4 version you won’t have access to these wonderfully sweet mods that are exclusive to the PC version of the game.

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