Northgard Cheats Grant You Infinite Money, Food, Instant Villagers
Northgard codes
(Last Updated On: March 2, 2017)

Have you been playing the new real-time strategy game based on Norse mythology, Northgard? Well, you may have found that it’s no easy title to complete. The game can be tricky to master and difficult to conquer. Well, Shiro Games’ Northgard is a dangerous beast making its way through the Early Access front. If you’re having trouble in the title then there are some cheats available for you to utilize in your journey to becoming an unstoppable Viking force.

The cheats are made available over on the Mr. Antifun download page.

The cheats include five different options, as listed below.

• Inf.Money
• Inf.Food
• Inf.Wood
• No Villagers Limit
• Instant Villagers

The money comes in handy for building new structures and upgrading them and your villagers. However, money is usually one of the least things you’ll have to worry about in Northgard. The real issue is food, wood and having enough villagers to fight and gather resources for you.

Luckily, the other cheats do just that: give you infinite food, infinite wood and instant villagers.

You’ll need infinite food to keep your people happy and working, and you’ll need that wood for just about… well, everything.

The no villagers limit will grant you the ability to have more than the allotted amount of villagers roaming around, and the instant villagers will be extremely useful in those situations where you may need a War Chief, or a hunter, or a miner but you’re short on manpower.

The real challenge of Northgard is gathering up food and supplies during the harvesting months, and then toughing it out during the winter while other tribes, Jotun, wild animals and ancient beasts from the nether attempt to rock your world. It requires wits, strategic fortitude, and an iron will to make through the game. However, a lot of gamers seem to love it.

Northgard recently entered in to Early Access at the tail end of February, and it’s available for $19.99.

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