Nyko Charge Block VR Introduces Modular Charging For PSVR
Nyko Charge Block
(Last Updated On: March 30, 2017)

Nyko has announced that they have a new modular charger for the PlayStation VR, allowing gamers to charge both the PlayStation Move controllers and a third controller, assuming you have a third charge block for either the PlayStation or the Xbox.

Chris Arbogast, Nyko’s director of sales and marketing talked up the new charger, explaining…

“We created Charge Blocks to simplify the charging needs for gamers who own all of the different systems and platforms,”


“Continued adoption of an increasing variety of controllers gives us the exciting opportunity to expand on the modularity of our Charge Block line into new avenues such as VR, and offer consumers the ultimate flexibility for their charging needs.”

You can basically charge both your Move controllers and then plug in a third Charge Block that will allow you to charge a third device, as outlined in the video demonstration below.

Unfortunately you can’t plug another dual Charge Block into the PSVR Charge Block, so if you were hoping to charge up to four controllers on a single connection, you can’t.

Nyko has had a hit and miss record when it comes to peripherals. The intercooler devices haven’t had the best responses from gamers given that they’ve been known for ratcheting up the noises coming from the home consoles.

There shouldn’t be any problems with the charger, though. All it has to do is sit there and charge the Move controllers.

Nyko Charge Block PSVR

The fact that it’s only $19.99 and you can use the modular design to hook up an additional Charge Block from Nyko in order to slap a third item into the mix makes it a lot more useful than a typical PlayStation Move charger. It does, however, limit you to only using a Nyko device, though.

You can pick up the Charge Block for the PS Move and PSVR right now from Nyko’s online shop or from Amazon.com. For more info feel free to visit the official website.

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