Open Discussion: March 19th, 2017

This time around comes the fourth Open Discussion, one that may or may not come off as a rant. However, I think that I should no longer stay silent on this matter anymore. Like always, you can deviate from the topic at hand, but if you want you can stay on topic regarding the info in this Open Discussion.

I was actually going to do an Open Discussion about video game music and what composer is your favorite, but after all this BS that started to come out regarding Fail Effect: A$$dromeda, I couldn’t ignore the game, the publisher or the developers anymore after all their stupid skeletons started marching out.

You see, I would purposely skip all things dealing with ME:A and pass it over to Billy. The game is so lazily made that it really does drive me up the wall, but now after seeing all of this 10 year old degenerate behavior that EA and BoiWare are spilling-out it just frustrates me even more. I knew Billy would be able to handle any post properly regarding the game, and I recently fell under the weather so I wasn’t on my game to write something spicy, which really led me to passing anything dealing with it over to him.

With that said, I felt that I could no longer stay silent after reading from other publication sites that we gamers are just out to get females and “minorities” when we get the chance, only an idiot would think like that. You see if you aren’t qualified to do something skill-wise, especially with significant merit, then you have no business doing said thing, and in this case it is apparent with these cucks working at BioWare or EA.

In addition to the above, people like Manveer Heir, Courtney Woods, Allie Rose Marie, including others like Vandal Pitchfork and so on, really do ruin games and franchises when they become apart of a development team and behave like the true ignorant, racist, sexist degenerates that they are. They have no skill, no talent and should not be in the space that once amassed millions of players to end in a result like Battleborn (or Mass Effect: Andromeda) — where it is obvious that if you are a hypocrite and treat fans/gamers bad they will only return you a favor like said game.

I say this because Manveer Heir walked away due to his contract and not because he was fired for his juvenile behavior. This means he will continue his poisonous route, like any other SJW, of joining another game and sinking the franchise down to the bottom depths like a Kraken to a boat. This really saddens me because I talk with quite a bit of indie developers who are ambitious, hold a lot of creativity and who genuinely want feedback from fans, and they really do want higher positions in the gaming industry to help it grow and instead they are replaced by said cucks.

Speaking of cucks working in places where they have no business working, the producer of ME:A, Michael Gamble, not too long ago had the nerves to say this BS…

In other words, he’s basically saying that “yeah, I know that this game is easy to critique and that it equates to spicy meme quality, but as long as you give us your time (which time=money=power) we could care less about if ME:A is crap”. What fool would come out to say such retardation like that? Oh wait, a fool like Gamble.

If you truly want to get your point across that you want to see something by the works of an SJW circle jerking ring of garbage to fall, don’t support ME:A or any of these talentless SJWs who only get jobs by blowing people and not through sheer effort, talent or hard work.

I know I’m not saying anything new at this point, but If people and gamers actually do support them we are only giving them the greenlight to produce more games like ME:A and to hire more people like the ones who are behind said game. And who knows, one day people like this thing may end up in a powerful position in the gaming industry if they keep getting support…

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