Pokemon Sage Fan Project Nearly Implodes Due To SJW Politics
Pokemon Sage
(Last Updated On: March 25, 2017)

One game that was originally scheduled to come out but has fallen on hard times is the fan-made Pokemon Sage, a game featuring an all new story, all new Pokemon and an all new adventure. It’s been in development for a handful of years but still is far from being ready to release. So what happened to it if it wasn’t hit by a DMCA or sent a cease and desist by Nintendo? SJW (Social Justice Warrior) politics is what happened.

One of the former team members working on Pokemon Sage recently discussed the project with One Angry Gamer; how it began, where it was going, and why it ultimately almost came to a grinding halt. Images, messages, and correspondence with members was shared with OAG, where the inner workings of Pokemon Sage were laid bare. The individual will be referred to throughout the piece as “The Writer”, since he wished to remain anonymous to avoid his job being put at risk, as well as to avoid being doxed.

It was originally supposed to be a celebration of Pokemon using features and pocket monsters not available in the latest generation of Nintendo’s handheld series. They were focusing on using Generation 4 mechanics, and relying on Flash animation for the characters and combat.

The team was working on all new sprites and animations built from the ground up to mirror the aesthetic the classic Game Freak titles are known for.

The project had started just before the official Generation 6 launched back in 2013.

The group started off fairly large at first, with various anonymous users on 4chan’s /vp/ board contributing. Eventually a Skype group was formed to better organize the development of the fan project. They decided early on not to broadcast the project to the public, keeping a low profile to avoid any C&D letters from Nintendo.

Work progressed as scheduled, and developments were made… just up until #GamerGate happened and the great 4chan exodus occurred, further dwindling the amount of people contributing to the project.

By 2015 more members had left the development team. The group contribution numbers began whittling down, so only those who were dedicated to contributing to Pokemon Sage were allowed in the Skype group. Work moved along slowly.

Eventually they decided to break away from 4chan’s /vp/ and start up a private thread on 8chan; something away from public purview, providing an intimate work place so progress could continue unfettered.

However, despite a smaller group of individuals working on the project, things did not become more efficient. “The Writer”, who was in charge of the plot of the game, noted that the design team had trouble coming to a consensus on gameplay mechanics and features, thus the rest of the writers working on the game’s plot were held up. But another problem was slowly brewing underneath the surface, bubbling like hot stew under the lid of a boiling pot during a rigid winter’s day.

What was the problem? Politics.

The U.S., presidential elections were taking shape in a bad way and it was something that began affecting everyone; censorship, rights and identity politics became more pervasive than ever, and it even started seeping into the general discussions between members working on Pokemon Sage.

“The Writer” working on the game’s plot – along with a few other select individuals – began explaining what was happening, and how tensions within the small group of enthusiasts began rising.

Two of the members, going by the anon handles of Smokey and Carson, were the ones who acted as if they were handling most of the leadership responsibilities. However, one of them began butting heads with one of the writers, and then things began breaking down when Brexit happened. “The Writer” explains…

“A shift in attitude occurred. It was around the time of Brexit. Carson & Smokey would both frequently post stories on Brexit that were full of fear-mongering and bias. They laughed at the notion it would pass. […]


“I made my first big error. I told them I thought some of the stories were fear-mongering, or outright lies. I told them Brexit was about more than immigration & racism. I told them people- like my father who was in London during the 7/7 bombings- didn’t want to be at risk from terror or another Rotherham rape gang thanks to open border policies. I told them the nutter who killed an MP the day before the vote didn’t represent all those who supported Brexit- despite what they thought. Both of them were clearly uncomfortable with me having a differing opinion to them.


“They conjured the idea I _must_ be racist. And- much like Smokey trying to hammer in the idea that [writers working on the game’s plot] was always shit & slow- they tried to hammer in the idea that I was a monster”

It was explained that the off-topic chat for those working on Pokemon Sage would regularly witness the political fallout between Carson, Smokey and “The Writer”. Others slowly began keeping their distance from communicating, hoping to avoid being pulled into the fray and simply wanted to make progress with designing the game, which was barely edging along at this point.

The others who avoided the political debates eventually “grew silent”.

Things began getting even worse leading up to and after the general elections. After Trump had been elected President of the United States, Smokey and Carson became openly hostile toward “The Writer” for not denouncing Trump and for having been supportive of Brexit. According to “The Writer” working on the plot…

“Smokey went into over-drive and Carson lost his damn mind. Every day I logged on, there was no attempt at peace. Anytime they could make a snide comment they would. If I dared to defend myself, they’d argue back. No one from the side-lines spoke up. “

Smokey and Carson would attempt to coerce “The Writer” to denounce Trump due to allegations of rape and sexual assault, but he didn’t readily jump onto the bandwagon being pushed forward by the media, only further angering the two and causing more snide and surly responses from the duo.

“The Writer” eventually would refrain from responding to the egging on from Carson and Smokey. He simply wanted to get work done and finish Pokemon Sage along with everyone else. But that was not meant to be.

Things further escalated into 2017, where the progress on the plot of Pokemon Sage had nearly ground to a screeching halt. Tensions between members flared, and no one was moving forward as intended. “The Writer”, who was one of several who were in charge of the game’s plot, had contested some design choices that would inhibit the writer’s group from further developing the plot, and when this was brought up to the rest of the team, an argument broke out.

Since the writing group hadn’t moved forward much and many errors were spotted, the brunt of the blame fell on “The Writer”, and he was given an ultimatum.

“The Writer” tried to smooth things over with another member of the group, but it didn’t go well, and he attempted to get advice on what to do from another user, but just a day later he received word that he was booted from the writing team and would no longer be allowed to work on the writing aspects of Pokemon Sage. What really drove it home for “The Writer” was that the vote to kick him off the group included three people who were no longer even active on the project, and had been inactive for several months.

“The Writer” explained…

“I gladly told everyone in main how little plot was doing. How we’d often try to trick Smokey and Carson into thinking our ideas for plots were actually theirs so they didn’t [nitpick] and whine. How the vote was made by people who weren’t even active anymore. The arguments grew bitter, and so did the comments”

Smokey and Carson, the two who had been the most vocal and aggressive toward “The Writer” held no qualms about being openly hostile at that point, with the two of them laying into him as he vented after being kicked from the team.

Others tried telling “The Writer” to step away and get some sleep, some made it known that they didn’t care what happened to him regardless.

During the heated debate, it was attempted to turn the discussion into a Left versus Right issue, given that some of the members clearly hated Conservative politics and were still angry that Donald Trump became President of the United States, and that Britain decided to exit from the European Union.

Some weren’t fond of all the political jockeying taking place and wanted it to end, but Carson decided to escalate things by telling “The Writer” to commit suicide.

Not everyone was fond of Carson and Smokey taking it to such a personal level, but Carson and Smokey didn’t stop there.

Another individual who was working on the project, but wished to remain anonymous, corresponded with One Angry Gamer via e-mail to corroborate what was mentioned by “The Writer”. When asked if the story was true about Carson, Smokey and some others bullying him, the former member of Pokemon Sage stated…

“[I can] confirm that he indeed has been the victim of bullying and persecution [in] that way”

One of the members of the council notified “The Writer” that they would have a second meeting – a vote to see if he should be allowed to stay or go, permanently. However, those who didn’t want him there made it known that he wasn’t going to be staying. One of the council members wrote

“There are limits we have placed on blind openness in the past, though you may disagree with them. People have been not invited or not moved from offtopic to ontopic due to their behavior. [Redacted]’s personal attacks on multiple people, which in summation absolutely crossed a line, were grossly out of line and show his presence in Ontopic chats is detrimental to other project members. His personal attacks and inability to recognize when he’s wrong unless repercussions appear are bad. […]


“It is our place to exclude others if they do not fit.”

According to “The Writer”, before everything broke down, within two years they managed to get up to the third gym leader, but after politics invaded the space and things got personal, the entire project imploded.

It’s still going, though; a shell of its former self.

However, “The Writer” wasn’t the only one who has been on the chopping block. Shortly after the events transpired where “The Writer” was kicked out of the group, the council reconvened again to discuss banning people for not tone policing themselves.

This caught the ire of some of the remaining members of the group, with one user named Ledabot writing…

“Does smokey actually help with anything? No. Does Smokey constantly shit on people, make snide comments or act like a massive wanker in general? Yes. Why is this even a question? No. I don’t think we should ban people because we don’t get cuddley feelings from them. Just stay away from me. I don’t want to even see your avatar you repulsive individual.”

Mungoman expressed similar sentiments, writing…

“I dislike working with Smokey in this project (though I have had little to no issues with him offtopic). However, I do not think that “kys” is a bannable offense. It’s terrible behavior, but still not worth being banned over.”

Pokemon Sage now hobbles along.

After the situation involving the bans and the arguments, some others have departed due to the open hostility exhibited by some members.

Will Pokemon Sage ever release? It’s up in the air. However, in-fighting and bringing sociopolitical differences to the table was a recipe for disaster. Adding the extra elements of Social Justice Warrior elements such as tone policing and forcing people to adopt certain “progressive” views only made things worse. It’s a real shame because people likely would have loved to have played the game… assuming it will ever be released.

[Update:] Following the publication of this article, a member of the development team did reach out, claiming that much of what “The Writer” stated regarding some things were “wrong”. I did request their side of the story to amend or elaborate on sections of the piece, but it was stated…

“If you yourself feel like you need to make alterations to your story knowing the whole thing might be false then feel free.”

[Update #2:] Another member of Pokemon Sage‘s development team, going by the handle of Orange Moose, decided to clarify points of the article and/or provide refutation to some claims. In accordance with our Right of Reply policy, their statements are below, unedited.

They were focusing on using Generation 4 mechanics, and relying on Flash animation for the characters and combat.

Gen 5 battle mechanics mixed with some mechanics from other Generations and some original stuff, and there is no flash animation anywhere in the project. Flash was used once in the compositing of the title animation, that’s it.

The project had started just before the official Generation 6 launched back in 2013.

The project was started in October 2012, almost exactly a year before the release date of Pokemon X and Y to start the 6th generation.

the great 4chan exodus occurred, further dwindling the amount of people contributing to the project.

The people contributing before, during and after that time didn’t change as a result of GG at all. The exodus had nothing to do with GG. It was initiated due to bureaucracy stagnating development by needlessly involving non contributors in the decision making process.

so only those who were dedicated to contributing to Pokemon Sage were allowed in the Skype group.

Anyone can join at any point even if all they want to do is dick around in off-topic.This has always been the case and Sage is still an open project. A couple people have joined since [redacted] left even.

[NOTE: The project is segmented into a series of chats. “Off-topic” refers to a chat that has nothing to do with Pokemon Sage and only partially overlaps with its dev team as a place to discuss all manner of things, including politics. The rest of the chats are referred to as “On-topic”, as they are where development happens.]

“The Writer”, who was in charge of the plot of the game

One of the people in charge of the plot.

What was the problem? Politics.

Aside from the drama that happened, the game has been progressing at the same pace it has been for the past few months. The political drama didn’t actually slow down anything but maybe plot.

hoping to avoid being pulled into the fray and simply wanted to make progress with designing the game, which was barely edging along at this point.

the game is progressing at the pace we expect it to, it’s not our faults people think fan games can be popped out like AAA games

Things further escalated into 2017, where the progress on the plot of Pokemon Sage had nearly ground to a screeching halt.

Again untrue in the sense that it had anything related to this drama. A few of the staff were moving or had stuff they needed to sort out in their lives.
And during the Christmas month/months most people are busy relaxing with family anyway so little gets done at that time of the year every single year.

Since the writing group hadn’t moved forward much and many errors were spotted, the brunt of the blame fell on “The Writer”, and he was given an ultimatum.

As one of the people who regularly gives plot shit for what I feel isn’t what could best reflect the game I think I can safely say from the outside looking in that nobody blamed “The writer” for the failings of plot but he was blamed for the misinformation he was spreading to people outside of plot. Which is why the final drama started.

as he vented after being kicked from the team.

He was attacking people in ways that I would certainly not call “venting”.

Not everyone was fond of Carson and Smokey taking it to such a personal level, but Carson and Smokey didn’t stop there.

Both sides took it to a personal level.

the council reconvened again to discuss banning people for not tone policing themselves.

One person made threads on the forums in response to what carson and smokey had said but it wasn’t in any way about tone policing.

Pokemon Sage now hobbles along.

It’s the same as it was before if not slightly faster with the addition of another member.

Adding the extra elements of Social Justice Warrior elements such as tone policing and forcing people to adopt certain “progressive” views only made things worse.

As someone who sits in the center of the liberal/conservative spectrum I can say that the only person who has ever given me shit, falsely accusing me of being “alt-right” is smokey. And it’s very easy to just ignore him or tell him to fuck off.

It’s a real shame because people likely would have loved to have played the game… assuming it will ever be released.

If you let political agenda prevent you from enjoying things then you’re only letting yourself down.

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  • Bootporeon

    I worked on Pokemon cries for a short time for Sage (for a rock parrot and their version of Ditto, and maybe a couple other things, eventually life caught up with me and I stopped). The project’s Skype always had a very tense atmosphere, and eventually without saying anything I left. I do not regret leaving, now that I see this.

  • Davide

    This is what every fan community has degenerated into, particularly ones that involve high percentages of 12-16 year-olds. Nothing has had more of a chilling effect on creativity in games and art than the mobs of self-righteous SJWs convinced they’re making a difference by reblogging misinformation on tumblr and telling people to kill themselves for daring to use the site for fun.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Not even fan-made Pokemon games are safe from SJWs’ hysteria. At least you can’t blame Nintendo this time. XD

  • Maniate

    The only reward at the end of the road for the people still working on the project is lawyers. You are not entitled to a C&D. You could instead face 15 grand for each instance of copyright infringement. Don’t make fan games, kids.

    • The_Writer

      Or, run it silently then release it out of the blue.
      Dump it on any major Chan or even Reddit via a file-sharing link, then disappear.

      That was the plan after Uranium and AM2R got C&D’d.

  • Disqusted

    This reminds me again of something I saw someone say a while back. “It is no longer possible to have a reasonable discussion because people cannot agree upon basic facts.” I’d place the responsibility for that on government and media. This also reminds me of how Japanese (and possibly Asian people in general) tend to put aside differences to work together towards a common goal, whereas people in the West often end up like what happened to Pokemon Sage.

    When I read this, the first thing I thought was, “Brexit was about racism??” People are really hyped up and fearmongered about “racism”. Shits me because I went through a lot of real racism back when it wasn’t this trendy bullshit that everyone sees everywhere. They don’t even care that perceived “racism” is used as an excuse by assholes to push their agenda. That only hurts real victims of racism.

    And that reminds me of a story I read on a forum for foreigners living in Japan. I’ve probably already mentioned it here before. I forget where the incident took place (I think it was in America). Basically, someone on that forum once witnessed a teenage girl (Chinese, I think) repeatedly causing trouble on a train, and when confronted by security multiple times, she accused them of being racist, sexist, etc. Then I think it was the train driver who came forward, same race as the girl, and he said something like, “When my wife, daughters and I first came to this country, we endured real racism. You have it good, now get off my train.” and everyone cheered as she was escorted away.

    If only that would happen to every person having seizures about perceived racism everywhere.

    • The_Writer

      Believe me, I tried to. I stopped discussing politics, and I was still baited & insulted every day. I told them the sky was blue, and they held it over me.

      • Kain Yusanagi

        Shoulda pulled a Chicken Little and yelled “The sky is falling!” ;P

  • Orange Moose: “If you let political agenda prevent you from enjoying things then you’re only letting yourself down.”

    That sure is a polite and condescending way of saying “we will shove SJW politics down your throats and we don’t give a shit if you like it or not”.

    • Orangemoose

      Actually it’s my way of telling you to just enjoy shit.
      Now if it’s full on completely out of place characters that make no sense in a setting or are added just for brownie points then I agree that’s just a worthless addition and has no place in a self-respecting game and don’t want any of that shit in pokemon sage.

      Honestly my concern here today is the sheer amount of people willing to just believe what they’re told without questioning anything that they’ve read just because it aligns with something they want to be mad at.

      Please know that if there’s one thing I absolutely hate in this world with a passion it’s misinformation and lying in the news such as doctored images with the intent of spreading misinformation or to leave out information in chat logs like what happened here.

      As someone who regularly sided with “The Writer” to defend him when politics were being discussed in an effort to try and make people try and learn more rather than just accepting the first article they read from their favourite website, especially if it was one that aligned with their political views, and taking it as fact, and also I really like shitposting, I have to say I am incredibly disappointed he would
      not tell the full story in an effort to make himself look better.

      The reason the people who voted him out did so wasn’t because of disagreements in political views it was more of a reactionary action to his more recent heated statements coupled with disdain over, what I personally felt was misinterpreted, much older statements about what is consent and other similar things.

      The more recent statements such as making light of someone’s personal problems they dealt with when they were growing up or insulting someone else for other private personal issues that I won’t get into here because it’s not my place are the reasons that triggered a reaction that caused banning him to brought up.

      I think people were mostly just sick of the drama and also what he had said in the past still bothered a lot of people even to this day which is probably why a lot of people voting to ban him.

      Smokey and Carson were also given reactionary ban threads but they weren’t considered worth banning, and even though smokey is equally as disruptive and volatile as “The Writer” was during that time period and carson, who should have shut up and dropped shit, one of the main reasons for both of them not being banned is that neither of them has actively tried to hinder progress of the game, unless you count smokey’s constant whining, unlike “The Writer” who, and this was what started the final drama, had spread misinformation about plot and generally got information wrong which, especially when outsiders of plot are unable to look in to see what is actually happening, is rather damaging.

      Given that carson is generally easy to get along with and pulls his weight he was unlikely to get banned regardless, but here’s hoping smokey can finally get booted out one day right gang?

      I’m probably just rambling at this point as it’s 1.30am and I’m not even sure why I’m writing this, I guess I just wanted to clarify a little more and to try and let you know pokemon sage isn’t going all tumblr tier sjw considering it’s intended to be more or less like the official games and not like the “”mature”” fan games that exist, also you guys shouldn’t believe a single side of a story without at least trying to hear the other sides.

      • Mr.Towel

        You seem reasonable enough.

        Personally, it’s not that I’m not questioning the history but that it feels very verisimilar. Most of us obviously agree in some sense with Writer’s political views, and as you can imagine, we’ve felt on our own skin what its like to have our own statements misconstrued as “rape apology”, “racism”, “misogyny” “transphobia”, “homophobia” and then teased about it. It all looks credible enough because it does feels very familiar, from first hand experience of dealing with lefties.

        But, if what you describe is true, it seems that both sides were sperging hard about their political views. They took it too personally, got flares of autism and attacked each other out of their own emotional reasoning. I can see why the environment got too toxic.

        Still, as an outsider, I find it weird that the guy reacting, certainly emotionally, about people teasing the shit out of him gets the boot and the teasers and whiners continue on. It feels like you drove a man to madness and then washed all guilt from yourselves.

        • The_Writer

          As I can’t reply to him at this time, I can confirm Orange Moose above is the same from the comments.

          I presented as much info to Usher as I could, and this is what he wrote.
          I do refute his claim on “spreading misinformation”- as getting details wrong when (A) I had already been branded as “having a poor memory” and (B) details that were months old, don’t seem to be more than an honest error.
          Further, I did not screencap the month of no-work Plot did. Skype is a piece of crap and does not load that far back (I did not screen-cap it as I didn’t imagine it would go this far).

          Also, both sides did descend into shit-flinging, but not without considerable shit-flinging from Carson & Smokey’s “side” and being booted from Plot for a minor violation when I’d done the majority of plot work.

          • Mr.Towel

            From what I took from the screenshots, it seems Carson and Smokey were trying to be edgy shitlords and they were the ones that started teasing the fuck out of you since brexit. I’ve seen that happening. I’ve seen the amount of thing people get called on just for supporting brexit, specially on places filled with “tough alphas guys” as imageboards. No reasonable discussion, just shitting on each others head with name calling, irony, snarky remarks and the like. I can’t say this type of behavior is news to me.

            So far, in this very thread I’ve seen people saying you have horrible views, I’ve seen people claiming you said somethings. But so far, on all screenshots with political points, I’ve seen nothing of it. Nothing like “rape apology” or the like. It seems you expressed you political views on brexit, people got triggered by the political views themselves, misconstruing them as lack of empathy, racism, dumb redneckness, misoginy, islamophobia and the like and started shitting on you, you shitted them back and they called mommy. Afterwards, groupthink lead from that onwards. I’ve seen this kind of situation too many times.

    • Disqusted

      That sounds more like he was just saying stop focusing on political shit and just enjoy stuff.

      If only people would realize how complex and full of lies politics are. I mean, why do people have such strong opinions on shit that is full to the brim of misleading informatino, or they don’t really understand, or know what’s really going on? To the point that they will destroy relationships, projects, etc, etc.

      It’s like those assholes who call for bombing Japan when Japan beats them at soccer or some shit. They need to grow the hell up.

      • That sounds more like he was just saying stop focusing on political shit and just enjoy stuff.

        Maybe, but I took it from the context of who he is and which side he is defending.

        He is the one who is on Pokemon Sage’s development team and is against/refuting Billy’s article.

        He may (keyword: may) even be partly responsible for the ostracization of The_Writer.

        • The_Writer

          His reaction to the article was more disappointed Billy used WIP map images.
          Orange Moose is actually pretty good. He was against the BS Smokey & Carson were doing. But, he didn’t (or couldn’t) take action to stop them.

          He just wanted to get on with the game creation. He suggested I just keep my mouth shut and let the agitators get themselves into hot water for constantly trying to start shit. It worked- until they decided to boot me from plot for getting (old) information wrong and revealing they’d been slack.

  • Lord Seraph

    I swear, this identity politics is like cancer. It’s a liability for everyone and everything should be done away with. It has done more to divide people than anyone else. This is one reason stuff doesn’t get done, when people put politics ahead of everything else.

    Telling people to “kill themselves” is sooo tolerant and kind. Makes me sick to the stomach.

  • Matt North

    Sjw are literally the most evil psychopathic people on the planet. These pig sacks of shit narcissistic as all psychopaths are and manipulate the stupid masses into believing they are doing good follow my evil cult shit. Basically they want to kill so they label the victim so they can kill them and look like the hero.

  • Bitterbear

    Hmm.. Better start checking if any of the remaining staff in that project is friends with any journalists on other mainstream gaming sites.

    • The_Writer

      Nah, but they might run it anyway. “It’s not a friend of mine, but I can still spin this against those alt-right misogynerds!” Many people were involved in those insults were anti-GG. But, they’ve also said Polygon & Kotaku are shit.

  • Kyle Haddad

    wait, about the update to the article. Did the person just straight up decline to provide evidence to his claims, or am I getting something wrong?

    • EroBotan

      I don’t quite understand it either .. to me it looks like he told oneangrygamer to update the story but not providing any info about what should be updated?

      • Kyle Haddad

        that’s what I thought, There’s also a thread on Kotaku in action where supposedly “the writer” and someone else are on. They haven’t verified whether or not they actually are. But they do seem to be adding in some info that this article straight up wasn’t provided with (See my comment about the update). Those two still smell like BS to me.

        • Someone else just responded to the article and I’ve updated it with their response. You can refresh the page and get a better understanding of what the opposing point of view is.

          • Kyle Haddad

            okay, thanks for the info, I’ll check it out.

        • The_Writer

          I can confirm The_Writer_Sage & The_Write_Sage_Dev are me.

          • Kyle Haddad

            How though? Mind you I’m treating the article with the same amount of skepticism as well for anonymous sources. so I’m not treating the KiA thread as truth nor this article. I need more than just “I said so” as verification.

          • The_Writer

            Fair enough. I’ll ask Usher if he can confirm I am who I say I am in reply to this comment.

          • Email and IP checks out.

          • His email and IP checks out.

          • Kyle Haddad

            okay, thanks. To “The Writer” Sorry If I came out looking like a dick. Seen alot of Anonymous sources get people in trouble, so I reflexively become skeptical.

  • RichardGristle

    Good lord, what a bunch of faggots. How young and/or emotionally stunted do you have to be to spiral into depression and start neglecting your work due to something like Brexit?

    This is why we need another great big war. Clean these retards out of the pool or at least allow them to grow some balls if they actually make it through.

  • The_Writer

    Hey, original writer here. Since some of the devs have replied, I’d thought I’d clarify some points.

    – Usher gave me the name “The Writer” since I wrote plot & dialogue. I did not choose or ask for this name.
    – I was called racist for supporting Brexit.
    – I was called racist and worse for supporting Trump.
    – I was called a rape apologist because I said the cases where Trump was accused of sexual assault during the election were fabricated, and some of those prior to the election being attempts to slander or earn hush money. Further, I believe some of those women consented- or that Trump was simply lying about being able to “just walk up and grab ’em bythe pussy.”
    – In temper I have said “you deserve terrorism”- something I regret. I have also implied a member of Sage who admitted to having a strict & odd father (he would not let him cheat in video games, and would make lewd comments about his girlfriend) should have “hit him harder”. At this moment he decided his father was abusive, and that I was over the line. No one has called him out for his comments about my father being in another terrorist attack, and often joke about it.
    – Insults against me were never objected to. Insults I made in anger back at those who insulted me always got objected to.
    – The 2 people who talked shit the most have not been kicked. No one objected to what they were doing at the time. Some disapproved after thefact, but did not call for them to be kicked.
    – However, I did get details wrong on explaining Plot to the group. Details that were set in stone after a solid month of no work, despite my begging.

    Apart for some retarded decisions (Arena Trap + Flash on a Poke in the cave), the game has very talented musicians, spriters, and artists.
    Who said nothing when the threats flew back and forth.

  • some huge nerd

    So in regards to the update are you gonna ask them for their side of the story or not?
    Because from what you wrote it doesn’t seem like you actually did based on the response you got.
    In respect for facts and honesty I feel like you should maybe show the messages you received so that we can see for sure you’re not being denied information. Especially considering information was posted in the comments.

    I apologise if this seems like I’m questioning your credibility but I prefer having all the facts or at least both sides of the story before I make my judgement.

    • I did ask for their side and that was the response.

    • EroBotan

      Their response is typical SJW reply “your article is wrong and you should update it!!!” without providing any new info, proof, etc

  • popehentai

    The romhacking community deals with this kind of stuff all the time. Their “flagship” site likes to boot people for badthink while pretending to be the good guys too.

  • Fyrex

    Sounds to me the project deserves to die for not having dealt with all three of the pieces of shit involved here months ago.

  • Classified

    One of the former Sage devs (jabberwockxeno) on the KotakuInAction subreddit responded to this article. Here’s the post:

    Hey, former sage dev here, and somebody who saw the drama as it was going on.

    Calling the issue “SJW politics” or implying that the project is or was infiltrated by SJW’s is incredibly misleading. The entire article is misleading, really. A lot of the specifics given about the drama in question are accurate , but so much of it just isn’t worded accurately or is just the author of the article making assumptions and drawing incorrect conclusions. I don’t even know where it’d start trying to correct it.

    What happened isn’t some sort of crackdown on political opinions. What happened was drama between 3 particular people in the project that arised due to arguments about off topic stuff getting overly heated and over time just reaching a boiling point.

    Essentially, as the article mentions, 2 people did go a bit far in shitting on the person who eventually got kicked from the project, as the article mentions; about their political opinions in our off topic chats (where we talk about video games, news, and the like, not project devolpement). This happened over a few months, and it led to the person who got kicked feeling paranoid like others were out to get him personally across all areas of the project, when in reality it was just those two individuals being assholes in off topic disscusions. I tried to get everybody to cut it out because I didn’t want the situation to spiral further out of control, but my attempts there wasn’t successful.

    The person being removed from working on plot happened due to them repeatedly miscommunicating with other areas of the project, When they got removed from plot, they thought they were being persecuted for their opinions when, and had a breakdown where they made completely out of line insults in on topic development chats (as far as I know the 2 people who were admittedly being dicks to him never brought that drama into on topic) and disrupted work, and was kicked from the project due to that.

    I’m happy to answer further questions within reason if anybody has them.

    Lastly, as somebody who does support gamergate, i’m disappointed in the author of this article for reporting on this so one sidedly and with such a bias. He could have just posted the info he was told by the people he contacted them, without editorializing it and making assumptions and exaggerating bullshit, stressed the fact that he only had one side of a multifacted story, and stayed neutral but he didn’t. This is the exact same shit we get on Kotaku and Polygon about, but it;s honestly worse then most of the stuff they put out.


  • Dev or something whatever

    Why hello there! I do believe we’ve met. You might recognize me from the horribly biased article you’ve just read!
    Well, I’m here to tell you that there might be some stuff to this story that you might not know about!

    Firstly, “The Writer” was not kicked for his (truly horrifying) political beliefs. He has repeatedly voiced his downright paranoia over the idea that he was being hounded for his beliefs, despite the fact that at most, he was teased and criticised for them.
    To clarify, “the Writer” has horrifically skewed views on rape (believing that a lack of sufficient resistance is the same as consent), as well as once referring to a Middle-Eastern member of our team as “one of the good ones”.

    Secondly, “The Writer” was kicked from the plot team because of his repeated leaking of information, spreading of false info, and general ineptitude. His political beliefs, while concerning, were not the motivation behind his removal from the plot team. While most people on the plot team DISAGREED with his views, nobody wanted him gone for reasons unrelated to game development.

    Furthermore, “The Writer” was kicked from the development team for good after throwing a gigantic tantrum in the game’s main chat, accusing people of hating him for his political beliefs, which of course resulted in teasing and hateful comments from our less restrained members. I do not condone such vile insults as were spewed in the ensuing argument, but “The Writer” is far from as innocent as he is depicted here. Firstly, he distracted from the main argument by claiming that the reason he was kicked was because of his political beliefs, which was repeatedly laid out to him as untrue. Then, “The Writer” attacked one of our members, who happened to be transsexual, for asking if “her sex change had made her moody” (despite the fact that she had not transitioned yet). https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6d4b65159e8c71d81495a05d8c2df31650e475b010da05cb02462d3a81442bda.png

    Over the course of the argument, he then attacked another one of our members, who had once entrusted him with the information that he had been the victim of familial abuse, claiming he should have been beaten more.

    This is what eventually got “The Writer” kicked, the direct and deliberate attack upon another man’s person by using and exploiting personal history. His behavior in chat has been utterly disgraceful, and the fact that he will run to a gaming news site to whine about it, is frankly laughable.
    My only regret from kicking him is that he will now be further entrenched in his bile-filled, disgusting viewpoint.

    Good bloody riddance.

    • popehentai

      For someone not concerned about his political beliefs, you sure do mention them often.

    • RichardGristle

      “Firstly, “The Writer” was not kicked for his (truly horrifying) political beliefs. He has repeatedly voiced his downright paranoia over the idea that he was being hounded for his beliefs, despite the fact that at most, he was teased and criticised for them. ”

      This entire paragraph makes you sound like a judgmental cunt that I would never give the benefit of the doubt to. I think you should kill yourself, honestly :^)

    • EroBotan

      what you call “tease and criticism” are actually harrasment by common people’s standard lol

    • You are nothing more than an authoritarian tone-policing SJW c**t.

  • Spider Jerusalem

    Maybe they should adopt a Code of Conduct to unfuck their project.

    That’s sarcasm by the way.

  • lol

    In the spirit of not “tone policing,” I encourage this comment’s mod approval.

    We hated “”””the Writer”””” because he couldn’t write and claimed everything he did to be the word of God. Also he argued that you could sex whoever you wanted regardless of their opinions as long as you had enough money to make rape a net win for her but hey that has nothing to do with game development.

    This isn’t an expose of a bunch of lefty retards. This is a comedy piece for the consumption of decent likable people worthy of trust, whose understanding of Jay how butthurt a person can be have been challenged.

    pls don’t censor

    • LurkerJK

      In the spirit of not “tone policing,” I encourage this comment’s mod approval.
      pls don’t censor

      This is not Neogaf

      • some nerd

        That my post asking the validity of the update was deleted or whatever happened to it speaks otherwise honestly.

        • Guest post are automatically set to pending. It’s an automated Disqus setting. Last year I argued with them about it so I wouldn’t have to waste time manually approving guest comments, but they just equivocated and made excuses. So you either make an account or you can post as a guest and have your comments go to pending first.

        • EroBotan

          To add what Billy says, Disquss has declared themselves to be Leftards/SJW so don’t blame us on this 😀

    • pls don’t censor

      Don’t worry, Billy doesn’t censor people’s opinions here unlike your ilk.

  • dop gek

    This is hilarious.
    There’s so muich half truths, cherry picked screenshots and misinformation that I almost thought this was a Breitbart article

    • EroBotan

      You know, you SJWs are compulsive liars so better check the mirror first! I’m glad that i decided to abandon your petty & pitiful full drama club 8 years ago!

    • “…and I will not provide any evidence to the contrary!”

    • popehentai

      The responses from the “dev team” arent doing anything to make it look like misinfo. If anything they are only confirming whats in the article, though they seem to think otherwise for some retarded reason.

      • The_Writer

        All I would say is that there are a lot of neutral people in the project. The ones speaking out now are the ones who most likely did the insulting.

  • LurkerJK

    I wonder what kind of hell developing a game in silicon valley must be these days, looking at Bioware i can imagine actual companies acting like this, the escalation after Trump winning sounds just too real

    Btw, i cant effing believe they censored 3 pixels of a micrometric sprite, thats totally worth the time, OMG THEM 8 BIT BOOBS, TAKE. THEM. DOWN!, oh lol, they censored the sway of her hair too, ROFL, her walk is TOO SEXY! HERESY!


    • Steve Hobbs

      That part of the sprite was altered because it makes the bottom of the chin lose clarity with respects to the body. Also, that level of detail on the bottom is not accurate to Generation 4 Pokemon NPC sprites.

  • ronin4life

    Just gonna put this here, as this BS reminded me of some parts of this clip:


    • LurkerJK

      Its a great speech with a lot of wisdom but at the same time he is committing a sin of taking things that are not proven as verified facts denying the possibility of debate

      He keeps repeating that Trump is literally Satan turning the video into a “do what i say, not what i do”, that way of thinking is what causes the problems he is preaching against

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Just goes to show how cancerous SJWs are to gaming.

    • Krimhelm

      4chan is a safe haven for getting things done compared to working with SJWs. They really shouldn’t have broken off from the chan boards.

      • 4chan is a safe haven for getting things done compared to working with SJWs.

        Not when it’s infested with cancer.

        • Daleth

          A lot of the Janitors are SJW’s. They still fail to rear in a lot of the stuff but not for lack of trying but due to how the side is set up from the get go. Then again,

      • pasila

        4chan’s cancer incarnate nowadays, bending over to SJW bullshit despite the boards saying the opposite. There’s not even a drop left what made it the Internet Hate machine as none of the hackers on steroids reside there any more.

    • They are cancerous to everything.

  • Keystone

    “…but Carson decided to escalate things by telling “The Writer” to commit suicide.”

    How tolerant.

  • Michael P

    Ok this is confusing. I only know of chan culture from ED articles and assumed after moot’s treachery caused the 4chan exodus, that 8chan would be hostile ground for SJW’s.

    Regardless this project will likely fail or fizzle on release. Examples of successful fan made projects like Katawa Shoujo and Enderal are few because it’s hard to make something so complex for free, with division in the ranks, whatever the cause.

    And there’s plenty of examples of professional games that have failed miserably because of high turnover. It’s doomed.

    • ArsCortica

      As far as it concerns SJWs on 8chan, you could always take a look at /leftypol/.

  • And so we see what Social Justice does to game development…

    If Pokemon Sage ever does release, it’s going to be a horribly broken mess with characters and dialogue that would make all but the most insane of Tumblrites vomit themselves to death.

    • Mr.Towel

      From that we can see why many developers are afraid to speak up on their work.

      • LurkerJK

        Not surprising, the default behavior inserted into us by the education system from very young is “do not get involved”

        Meanwhile the left are indoctrinated into mob justice, so they methodically single out ppl, surround them, destroy or assimilate them and move on the next. I very much doubt they start as the majority, just a few wolves among sheep, but they definitely end up taking over the place after a while … just before everything goes down in flames

        All while everyone else is watching and keeping silent, hoping not be next or convincing themselves that nothing is wrong

        “Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

        • Not surprising, the default behavior inserted into us by the education system from very young is “do not get involved”

          All while everyone else is watching and keeping silent, hoping not be next or convincing themselves that nothing is wrong

          It’s turned out to be the biggest mistake a non-SJW person can ever make in my opinion.

          All it’s done is given SJWs, feminists and race baiters more power.

    • The_Writer

      To be fair; development up to that point had not attempted to crow-bar in politics or anything you’d suspect from their attitude.
      Now this fallout has happened, who knows?

  • Mr.Towel

    Sad to say that none of their behaviors were surprising to me, since is coming from 4chan. Autistics have no self-consciousness or restraint.