Rabcat: The Famous Gaming Company you’ve Never Heard About

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Video game development is more than it meets the eye. Behind any successful – or less successful – title there are armies of script writers, voice artists, animators, designers, creative professionals, graphicians, composers, and other professionals all working toward the creation of an end product that would appeal to the largest audience possible. Sometimes these tasks are performed in-house, other times they are outsourced to various subcontractors specialising in certain areas. These subcontractors are hardly ever heard about, perhaps only as a side note somewhere toward the end credits of video games. Which is a shame considering the contribution of their hard work toward the success of video games.

And this is exactly the case of Rabcat, the Austrian company that has the world of real money gaming to thank for its world fame.

Beyond design

Rabcat is an Austrian company that has been in the business for more than 15 years. During its history, the company has provided game art services to a number of high-profile game developers, including Blizzard, Disney Interactive, Rockstar Games, Microsoft Studios, Ubisoft, Deep Silver, and many others.

At the same time, Rabcat is a quite successful casino game developer, too. New Zealand pokies fans, Canadian casino players, and European gaming enthusiasts are all highly appreciating their slot machines that are built with their trademark attention to detail. Their games are inspired by a great variety of topics, from fantasy worlds (Dragon’s Myth) to legendary heroes (Forsaken Kingdom), Egyptian treasures (River of Riches), and friendly monsters (Scary Friends). Their games combine great visuals, exciting gameplay, and state-of-the-art 3D animations into an amalgam that’s very well received by industry insiders and players alike.

The games you play

Since its founding in 2001, Rabcat has contributed to a large number of high-profile video games.

Among others, it is responsible for porting the 3D vehicles in GTA: Vice City from PS2 to Xbox, it has created over 350 real time level geometry and prop assets for Manhunt 2, it has created five main character assets for the PS2 version of Silent Hill: Origins, it has built 19 photorealistic, true-to-original vehicle models for Test Drive Unlimited 2, it has created 14 state-of-the-art space vessels for Microsoft Studios’ Kinect Star Wars, and it has built 12 true-to-original weapons and a massive selection of add-ons for Overkill Software’s popular first-person shooter PayDay 2.

Their latest creation has contributed to one of the most popular multiplayer online games of our times: Overwatch. Rabcat has built – and is continuing to build – character and weapon skins, as well as environments and vehicles for the video game ever since its creation.


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