Runeyana, Fantasy Action Game Graduates From Early Access On March 21st

The 3D hack-and-slash, action-RPG from developer Blackturn Studios called Runeyana, is gearing up to finally and fully release starting March 21st. The game originally entered into Early Access late last year on November 9th, where the developers have been refining and ironing out the combat in their title leading up to release.

The news follows on a series of updates that they’ve been making for the game over the last several months, refining the gameplay and including new features such as Steam Trading Cards.

The news about the graduation from Early Access – set to take place day and date when BioWare launches Mass Effect: Andromeda – was also accompanied by a gameplay trailer showcasing the 3D hack-and-slash title’s gameplay and mechanics.

The game reminds me of the old PS2 classics from back in the day, where there were a lot of 3D platformers and adventure games filling up the system.

The hook for the game is that you battle enemies, level-up, trade your loot in an online marketplace, acquire pets and create your own army as you build up your forces and protect the city from invaders.

Reviews for the game during its Early Access run are mixed. Some people say it has promise, others are saying that the clunky UI and lack of polish means to keep away. User UN0W3N writes…

“There’s nothing coherent to discuss here. Half-naked heroine has to kill some poorly AI coordinated creatures in the tutorial level in order to forge some sort of clothing, that is still quite immaturely revealing nonetheless.


“And no, I’m not a feminist or in any way religiously motivated to have something against “RPG female armor” tropes. I just find it tiring and cheap as a method of promoting your game. If you thought that the Artificial Intelligence in Runeyana is bad, then wait until you see its User Interface.”

In the full version a male version of the character can also be played.

At the moment the game is available for $4.99. The price will go up when it launches on March 21st, though. So it’s something to wager if you’re at least considering a purchase.

You can learn more about Runeyana by visiting the Steam page.

(Main image courtesy of UN0W3N)

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