Sea Of Thieves Showcases Behind The Scenes Sword Combat Footage

Developers at Rare are hard at work making their new pirate adventure game, Sea Of Thieves, and so far it is shaping up to look like pure awesomeness.

I grew up on games taking place across the high seas, playing games like the Uncharted Waters series, specifically, New Horizons, I moved on to MMORPGs like Voyage Century, and then made my way from one exploration pirate game to the next, sailing the seven seas. But then I became disappointed as ship exploration games came to a standstill and no one was really trying anything new or different. We had Assassin’s Creed Blackflag (Which was an awesome concept with the boat mechanics), but most games either focused on ship to ship combat, or exploration in a top-down/ isometric camera view.

Then we have Sea Of Thieves, a game that is venturing to combine the best of both worlds. First person exploration, with detailed ship mechanics, MMORPG elements, adventure, treasure, danger… Oh my!

Since the game was first announced back in 2015, we’ve only gotten small clips of gameplay and exploration. Just enough to give us an idea about what the game is like, but not enough to spoil anything. This newest video that was recently uploaded to the official Sea Of thieves YouTube channel, showcases a little bit of the sword gamepla, as design director Gregg Mayles and Senior Engineer John Watkins talk about how the game works, what we can expect, and how player vs player sword combat will work in the first version of sword combat. Take a look at the video that I linked down below.

If you’ve played any first-person adventure game that features sword combat within the last decade, then you should be pretty familiar with the combat system. You get a basic charge attack when you hold down your attack button that does extra damage, then directional attacks so that you can swing in different ways, as well as a combo system, where if you land a successful hit, the next two follow-up swings will be faster to keep the momentum going. Of course, players will also be able to block and parry attacks, and Sea Of thieves will also feature a hit detection system so that you will know when you are being hit and from what direction the attack is coming from.

Much more is on the way, as the developers say this is only the first version of combat, but they will also be adding new attacks such as heavy attacks with knock-back damage which will knock the player off their feet and sent flying backward.

There is still no word about an official release date, or news about when open Beta starts, so keep an eye out for more news about future updates.

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