Stop The Earth I’m Getting Off: Crystal City, Uncensored VN Launches On Nutaku
Stop the Earth I'm getting off Crystal City

Nutaku and Enjoy Games announced that the adult digital distribution portal now has digital stock of the adult-themed visual novel, Stop The Earth, I’m Getting Off: Crystal City. The ridiculously long name fits the over-the-top themes and plot for the recently released VN, which you can pick up for the price of $8.00.

The game follows a young dude, a true beta male. He’s not very desirable but he’s smart. One day he finally earns the right to become a real man… to graduate from beta-hood. Unfortunately, during his moment of converging pleasure with manhood by actually getting an opportunity to have sex with a woman, a strange occurrence takes place and he’s teleported to a whole new world in desperate need of help.

Stop The Earth, I’m Getting Off: Crystal City isn’t detailed much in the press release or on the store page, but the art definitely speaks volumes for how uncensored the game is.

Nutaku has taken pride in promoting themselves as a digital distribution outlet that doesn’t hold anything back in their offerings.

Sadly there’s no video, so you can’t really get a grasp of what the visual novel is like in action, but they do offer up plenty of not safe for work screenshots. There’s a censored version of some of the artwork below… clicking through the image will take you to the NSFW version of the image, though.

The only detailed bit of the description offered is that there are multiple locations to visit, plenty of H-scenes with a variety of cast members, and an “exciting plot”.

I have no idea how true any of that is.

However, the system requirements are quite light, so the biggest thing you would lose by taking a dive on the game is $8.00.

You can grab Stop The Earth, I’m Getting Off: Crystal City right now if you want from over on the 18+ Nutaku website.

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