Street Fighter 5 Mod Slaps Some Pants On Cammy, So SJWs Should be Happy
Street Fighter 5 Cammy Pants

Capcom ended up tripping all over themselves throughout the end of 2015 when all sorts of news broke out about how they made changes to some of the characters, censored some of the moves and altered some of the physics in order to make Street Fighter V more accommodating to people who don’t like fighting games and who don’t play video games. Well, sales definitely took a hit early on. Nevertheless, modders began improving Street Fighter V and giving gamers everything they could ask for and then some… including mods that would make SJWs happy.

One of the newer mods to land for Capcom’s fighting game is a military outfit set for Cammy.

Modder Laser-Sloth took time out to plaster some baggy cargo pants onto Cammy’s lower half, covering up her thong leotard and hiding her cheeks behind some cloth stitching. You can download the Garrison Cammy mod from over on MediaFire.

The mod is only 6.59MB large, so you don’t have to worry about rearranging your hard drive to get it to work.

YouTuber BlitzMightyN7 posted up a video showcasing how the mod looks in action in Street Fighter V. You can check it out below.

A lot of people were asking why Capcom just didn’t include an alternate outfit for Cammy where she was in pants. In a way, it would have quelled the complaints about the crotch shot during her intro, and they wouldn’t have to worry about insecure people complaining about how good her butt cheeks look in the leotard thong.

Not everyone is a fan of how baggy the pants are, though. Some complained that the loose fit combined with the tight turtleneck just doesn’t look good and that they either needed to keep her in the leotard and add the pants, or make the pants less baggy. I’m not a fashion expert so I genuinely don’t care.

Anyway, if you always wanted Cammy to be decked out in something a bit more “appropriate”, you can grab the mod right now.

This should also appease some of the more censor-heavy SJWs out there who complain incessantly about sexy women in video games.


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