Styx: Shards Of Darkness Gameplay Walkthrough
Styx Shards of Darkness Walkthrough

Cyanide Games and Focus Home Interactive have finally released Styx: Shards of Darkness has launched for home consoles and PC. The new stealth-action title is a departure from all the military shooters and identity-politics laden titles filling up the store shelves. For gamers looking to get in on the new stealth title and need a bit of help getting started, there’s a gameplay walkthrough guide available for Styx: Shards of Darkness.

YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames has a six video playlist available for Styx, covering the game from start to finish.

You’ll start by going through the prologue of the game, which is a tutorial that teaches you how to jump on objects using the ‘A’ button on Xbox (‘X’ on PlayStation), and using the right trigger to dangle from ledges that you get close to, and hopping down ledges with ‘B’ (Circle on PlayStation).

You can use the down digital pad to open up your inventory menu so you can view your items, and use the right analog to navigate the menu.

The right trigger also allows you to wall-hug and sneak around. When you get close to an enemy, you can sneak up from behind and use ‘X’ to kill an enemy (Square on the PlayStation). You can use the left trigger open up Styx’s powers menu and create a clone or utilize other magic tricks.

You can use the clone to move around in a map just like Styx, and the clone can basically do everything Styx can do.

Styx Shards of Darkness - Elf Queen

Keep an eye out for crafting tables as well; you can craft new items and gear using materials you gather from around the levels.

You’ll need to venture around the suspended shacks and take down the eight posters littered around the area. You can see where to go in the video above, where he follows the nav markers to each of the poster locations.

Follow the map nav markers during the prologue and take out the guards, head into the room with the document and poison the food in the room to knock the guard out. You can hide the body in a chest in the next room. Steal the document and leave the room.

Continue heading up until you get an indicator to reach the tavern. If you follow the path upwards it’ll take you to a hallway toward the tavern.

Two guards will be talking, blocking your path. Wait for them to finish their conversation and then either move upstairs or kill them and hide their bodies.

Move upstairs and outside and you can sneak past the two patrolling guards in order to reach the tavern.

There’s some loot inside and a few more patrolling guards you can take out. Most of them will have their back to you, so it shouldn’t be difficult.

What may prove to be a bit more challenging is getting to the goblin poster inside the tavern. It will require timing and patience, since there are three guards inside the room. Wait and take out the guard moving around near the table, then take out the sleeping guard and then finish off the guard with his back to you.

After you steal all the goods from the guards and take out all the posters, you can flee through the air balloon at the top of the stage.

Once you get back to Styx’s hideout you can modify your gear, craft equipment and replay old missions. Once you get done you can exit the hideout and start the next mission.

The Captain Helledryn will have a mission for Styx, where he’ll need to get aboard the airship floating around town.

Use the rooftops to scale up toward the airship while also taking down posters.

When you get to the section where the guards are all around the door that you need to get through, wait for them to stop talking and to settle into a patrol, and then sneak around into the open door. You can also distract the guards on the other side of the door by throwing an object to distract them and then you can move into the door.

In order to get onto the airship you’ll need to distract the guards on the port. The best way to do this is to throw an object on the opposite end of where the box is and then climb up the pulley and then hop down to the box while the guards are investigating the noise, and hop inside.

In the next mission you’ll need to steal the scepter and then hijack the airship.

Grab the goods from the captain’s quarters and then head up top and across the airship toward the front of the bow. Hop down where the ballista is and fire it at the other airship. Shimmy across the rope and then sneak around inside so you can steal the C.A.R.N.A.G.E., insignias from the deserters.

If you hide under the table you can snag one of the insignia from a patrolling guard.

Head toward the captain’s quarters and sneak through the crawl space above the door to cue the cinematic.

You can either continue stealing the items on the airship or escape through the air balloon.

The next mission involves sneaking into Korrangar in order to get the documents to swap for the ship’s port pass, along with an official pass for Captain Helledryn.

You can use the rocks along the mountainous areas overlooking Korrangar’s port to get into the mountain city. There’s an open window at the top of one of the structures; simply use the platforms to scale up and get inside. Use the right analog button to spot out the various platforms you can use to get inside, if you’re having trouble.

Once inside, there are two nav points directing you toward the charter and the official pass. It’s a game of patience; sneaking around and avoiding the guards while monitoring their patterns. You can successfully get both without necessarily killing any of the guards.

Once you acquire both items you’ll need to go and give the signal using the balloon.

It’s not just a hop, skip and a jump, though. There are a number of guards you’ll need to avoid in getting to the signal. Use various distractions and sleight of hand to distract them. Once you activate the signal head back into the open area and hang from the ledge and wait for the airship to pass underneath. Hop down and give Helledryn the pass.

Once that part of the mission is complete you’ll need to direct Styx to the residential area of Korrangar, so he can go get his revenge against the shapeshifting elf, Djarak.

Styx Shards of Darkness - Dark Elves

There are a number of vertically placed hinges you can use to move through the residential area without being spotted by the elves.

Move across the balconies and wait for the elves to direct their attention away from where you have to go in order to get through the areas.

Once you reach the balcony a lengthy cinematic will play and then Styx will need to attempt to get back to Helledryn’s airship; you can also take some of the amber as well. There are numerous packs of elves throughout the pathway leading to the airship, so make sure you plot out how to get out. You’ll need to head up the tower toward the gondola, which will start the next mission.

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