The Nintendo Switch Releases First System Update With Patch Notes
Nintendo Switch
(Last Updated On: March 28, 2017)

The Nintendo Switch has now officially been out for about three and a half weeks after it launched on March 3rd, 2017, and Nintendo has just recently launched their first system update for the Switch.

This update doesn’t fix a lot of hard hitting errors, it mostly just covers basic functions like “enhancing the user’s experience”, or adding in a few common sense features that should have been added since launch, such as the battery power level displaying on the home screen so that you know how much charge is left. This function can be switched (no pun intended) on and off in the System settings menu. There is also now an option to have your TV automatically turn on when you dock your Switch, but your TV will have to be compatible to do so.

A few other new updates include being able to play online for free. Before this service was locked, but Nintendo has opened it up so that you can play with your family and friends in most countries. Nintendo does note that this service is not available in all countries, and the paid online service will start this fall; so enjoy it while it’s free!

Speaking of friends, you can now add your buddies to your Friends List from the “My Page” screen.

Last but not least, there are several other network features that are now available such as, sharing your screenshots on Facebook and Twitter, accessing and buying content from the Nintendo eShop, and receiving newsletter information about discounts, promotions and new games. For a complete list of all the updates and functions for the Nintendo Switch system update, you can check out the complete list down below, or follow the provided link to visit the official Nintendo website.

Improvements Included in Version 2.1.0

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience

Improvements Included in Version 2.0.0

The following network features are now available
* Nintendo Account required. Some features may not be available in all countries/regions.

  • Playing online
    • Online multiplayer available for free until the paid online service launches in fall 2017. Not available in all countries.
  • Adding friends
    • Friends can be added from My Page, head to the HOME Menu and select your icon on the upper left.
  • Sharing Album screenshots to Facebook and Twitter
  • Browsing and purchasing content on Nintendo eShop
  • Receiving News relating to games, Nintendo eShop discounts, and promotions
  • Earning My Nintendo points for game card (retail version)

Added the following system functionality

  • Update game software
  • Turn on the TV automatically when placing the Nintendo Switch console in the Nintendo Switch dock.
    • HDMI settings must also be enabled on your TV. Some TV models may be unable to use this feature. To turn on this feature for the Nintendo Switch console, head to System Settings > TV Settings > Match TV Power State
  • Display the battery percentage on the HOME Menu
    • To turn this ON/OFF, head to System Settings > System > Console Battery (%)
  • Format the microSD card
    • To format, head to System Settings > System > Initialize > Format microSD Card

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