The SoulKeeper VR Game Set To Hit Steam Early Access Soon

An upcoming VR game is set to release for PC by Helm Systems, and although there are a lot of trash VR titles on Greenlight and by other indie developers, there comes some VR games like The SoulKeeper VR that actually make VR titles seem even cooler.

I really do like VR games, but it always seems that the most recent titles do not make use of the headset correctly, or the titles that do come out are complete trash. It seems like there are always a handful of good VR titles out there that actually seem cool, but they are overshadowed by the majority of cheaply thrown together borderline-maleware titles.

Looking over to indie devs Helm Systems and their game The SoulKeeper VR, the title doesn’t look all that bad. Yes it looks a bit unpolished here and there, but at the same time it does not look like those other cheap cash in indie VR games.

The official description for The SoulKeeper VR sits below.

“Immerse yourself in the dark world of The SoulKeeper® universe and unravel the plots of different playable characters as you slash and cast through daunting challenges and towering enemies in an epic VR adventure.”

Although the devs did not post up an update on the game’s Steam Early Access page, according to an update discussion thread we do learn that the devs want to still give out keys for the Early Access run that’s right around the corner:

“Early Access is right around the corner and to celebrate the first steps towards this dark fantasy universes realization. We want to celebrate it and giveaway a key each week until we launch the live Early Access game.


Who knows, we may also sneak in some extra keys or goodies from time to time, so make sure to stay in touch with us. Winners from each week will be notified and documented until the game is launched on Early Access when we have access to distribute the Steam Keys.”

You will be able to learn more about the key give away by hitting up, or you can watch the official trailer and gameplay footage below.

As for current VR standards The SoulKeeper VR is not all that bad, and for the former video to be four months old and latter to be seven months old the devs have a lot of time improve on the game’s graphics and on the animations. Anyways, the actual game is set to hit Early Access soon, so I’d suggest that you keep a close eye on this if you want more information.


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