The Void Trailer Rekindles 80’s Style Horror And Gore
The Void

Looking for something a bit more retro-tastic when it comes to viewing media? Well, the indie film The Void from Cave Painting Pictures and Jobro Productions hearkens back to the days when gore was done with practical effects, and horror was executed in ways that kept you on the edge of your seat.

The Void centers around a guy who escapes from a lot and ends up in a hospital. He doesn’t come alone, though. Some cultists follow the poor sap to the front door and a police officer has a violent encounter with these folks. More and more of them start showing up, and with them all manner of horror comes, too.

The movie reminds me a lot of John Carpenter’s The Prince of Darkness fused with Assault on Precinct 13. There’s a practical survival element on display alongside the supernatural horror elements. You can check it out for yourself with the trailer below, courtesy of FilmTrailerZone.

None of the cast members are standout Hollywood heavyweights, which is cool because it leaves you wondering exactly who will live and who will die.

It also doesn’t appear to be one of those indie flicks steeped in over-the-top gore porn (or at least I hope). There’s a certain measure enticement when it comes to restrained violence, and the more artistically it’s executed the more iconic the scenes become.

Thankfully the trailer doesn’t give too much away and we really have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s a rare treat for a movie trailer to just show the important hooks to get the audience invested but then leave all the good bits for the actual theater.

Speaking of appearing in an actual theater… you can look to catch The Void in a theater near you starting April 7th next month. Hopefully it’s as good as the trailer depicts it.

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