The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 3 Gameplay Walkthrough
The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episode 3

Telltale games finally released Episode 3: Above the Law for The Walking Dead: A new Frontier, the third season in their now long running series of games based on Skybound’s popular brand. For gamers looking to get a heads-up on the choices and options available in the latest episode, there’s a complete walkthrough available, along with a look at the different choices and endings available in the latest release.

YouTuber NRMgamingHD put together an hour and a half long video covering The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3 from start to finish. You can check it out below.

After a two minute recap, they finally get into the meat of the game.

This follows the path of several distinct choices made in the previous two episodes.

The beginning parts are quite linear, save for a scene where Kate hugs Javier and players can either embrace it or rebuff her.

Following the flashback scene, Javier and the rest of the others at the New Frontier gate will be escorted to a holding room while David takes Kate to the doctors.

Tripp doesn’t trust David at all, and players will have to either agree with Tripp or attempt to get him to trust David.

David will then give Javier a tour of the New Frontier settlement; players will have to choose their words wisely around David leading up to the hospital.

Inside the hospital, Kate and Javier can discuss what to do with David and whether or not they should stay. Players will be able to choose to promise to leave the New Frontier or to ask about what they should do with David.

The goal is to attempt to persuade the council to let Javier and the others stay. You’ll have the choice of turning on David and throwing the New Frontier under the bus or attempting to play peacemaker.

When Javier and the others get kicked out of Richmond, there’s a scuffle with a small pack of zombies and Clementine makes a return. Simply complete the quick-time event and then it will trigger a flashback with Clementine.

You can hum to AJ to keep him quiet.

The one piece of medicine you’ll need for AJ is in the bottom right corner of the cabinet. You’ll have a choice of injecting AJ or putting the medicine back – the medicine breaks regardless, so it’s possible to inject him before they catch Clementine.

Things get intense for the group in the present time when Javier, Clementine, Jesus and Tripp attempt to get into a storage facility. You’ll have to have to use the car jack to lift up the door to get inside.

David will show up and you’ll have a choice to let David in or keep the door shut.

A fight will ensue with Max, Badger and their other one. You’ll have a choice to either kill Badger or let him turn into a zombie. The same applies to Max, who can either be executed or you can take him captive back to Richmond to expose Joan.

You’ll have a choice of either siding with Kate and leaving Richmond or siding with the others and going to David’s house.

The tribunal will take place with David and Javier, and it will end with the two being betrayed by Joan.

Various choices and decisions that you can make throughout the episode are also highlighted in a separate video that you can check out below. This will give you a heads-up about which decisions you want to make in your game, assuming you don’t want to mess up or you want to replay it for a different effect leading into Episode 4.


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