Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Cheats Enable Mega Mode, Fills HC Gauge
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Cheats
(Last Updated On: March 7, 2017)

Looking to cheat your way through the recently released Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3? Well, there are some new cheats available right now in the form of a cheat trainer, giving gamers an opportunity to not only see the newly re-released title in full HD, but also barrel through the game without taking any damage.

The cheat trainer is available for download right now over on Cheat Happens.

The cheats include the following:

Heal Player
Super HP Player
Fill HC Gauge
Mega Mode
Add Player Points
Add Rank Points

So basically, you can ensure that you never lose life, never run out of gauge and you can level up in the points as if you actually had real skills.

The cheats arrive shortly after the official launch of Capcom’s crossover fighting game series onto Xbox One and Steam.

Gamers finally get to play the title in glorious full HD with unfettered 60fps (or 120fps) frame-rates.

Capcom also finally decided not to be cheapskates and included all of the previously released DLC characters, along with the Heroes and Heralds mode, and everything else from the previous outings of the game, all into one package.

The 3-vs-3 fighting title has been one of the most popular fighting games in the FGC, and is always a blockbuster showing during the annual EVO tournaments. It was brought back for this year’s event thanks to a charity contest where it managed to rack up the most money for the community user-pick.

With the cheats available for those getting in their fill of the fighting game madness featuring Marvel and Capcom characters, you can breeze through the single-player modes and the story modes with ease.

Now if you want to avoid being VAC banned, it’s probably best you don’t use the cheat trainer when playing online.

(Main image courtesy of Heaven Stamp)

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