Wartile Set To Hit PC Via Steam Early Access On March 17th

As you know real-time strategy games are one of the many genres that we try to cover here, and with the launch of Playwood Project set to bring Wartile to PC in the next 13 days, it would only be right to cover the RTS and its newly announced March 17th Steam Early Access debut.

The RTS tries to bring real life board game tile sets that are set in a variety of locations, all challenging the player with hardcore elements. This was further improved by the help of a select amount of players that got to play the game early. These players voiced their opinion and wanted the initial game to be harder, and not a pushover where it holds the player’s hand through battles.

This was announced not too long ago through an update that Playwood Project posted up, which shows a pie chart of the difficulty of the game and how hard would players like to see the game in future updates.

I’m glad that the player base who got their hands on the early build for this game did not want it to be too easy and wanted more of a tactical challenge, because I’m all for smart AI and witty tactics by advancing counterparts.

Anyways, the announcement that was made along with the pie chart (shown above) tells players about the new release date for the RTS game and its development process:

“It’s with great pleasure and excitement that we finally can announce Wartile Early Access launch date on Steam to March 17th. With 3 years of development the team are proud and happy, that we have come such a long way and now feel confident to launch Wartile on Early Access.”

The team also wanted to know what fans want in the next update, which I think is a smart move. If you want to better your product during an early phase I think it’s always a good idea to approach the people who are genuinely into your game and see what they want. Well, according to the feedback that the select players provided, here’s what they want from Wartile in the future.

The number one thing that players want is better navigation and deeper combat choices, which is followed by customization and upgrades, then by more battle boards and single player content and “Other”.

After reading over the devs pre-Early Access moves, this reminds me of when Alpha and Beta tests were actually early tests to better the game, and not promotional stunts to try to court more people into playing a game that needs DLC to fix what should have been there during the so-called Alpha/Beta stages.

With the devs taking Q&As and posting up pie charts seeking insightful feedback from their player base, this only means that when March 17th rolls around — which stands as the game’s Steam Early Access debut — it’s likely that we will see more interactive changes to help shape the game for the better.

You can read the latest update over on Steam’s Community page, or you can hit up the main site to learn more regarding Wartile.

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