Weekly Recap March 11th: CIA Gets Caught Snooping, Berserk Game Heavily Censored
Weekly Recap

Koei Tecmo’s musou-style take on Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is a butchered mess. Many key moments of the anime and manga have been drastically altered to fit our far more sensitive times for today’s gaming industry. If this were the 1990s I imagine the game would have been a raunchy gorefest, fitting in nicely with stuff like Blood Storm or Harvester. However, these days everything has to be sanitized to the point of being more sterile than the office of a mysophobic dentist.

Additionally, Wikileaks dropped the “Vault 7” e-mails, revealing that the CIA has been digging deeper into the rectum of your information and digital devices than a specialist proctologist who works for Roman Polanski. Worse yet? All that nonsense about “Russia hacking the elections”? Well, it turns out the CIA has been framing Russia for hacks to help the media’s ridiculous narrative. These stupid stories and more in this March 11th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Berserk And The Band of the Hawk Censored Big Time

The video game version of Berserk, recently arriving in the West, is nothing like the manga, the anime TV series or the movies. In fact, Koei Tecmo modified several key scenes in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk removing a rape scene as well as some of the gore involving one of the main characters. Curious about what you’ll need to run Nier: Automata? Well, you won’t need much to play the upcoming title from Platinum and Square Enix. There’s a new update for Subnautica that adds an “infected” element to the ocean to really mix up the gameplay. And Danganronpa: Another Episode is due for release this June for PC and PS4.


Vault 7 Reveals CIA Spies On You Through Everything

If you don’t mind the CIA spying on you through your tablets, through your phones, through your television, through your gaming systems and through your PC, then you won’t be shocked at all with Wikileaks’ latest release entitled “Vault 7”. They reveal that the CIA had runaway malware installed on consumers’ devices, that they could take control of your car and even setup hacks to imitate Russia in order to place blame on them for the fake news about the “Russian hacks”. New details and information has been revealed for Red Dead Redemption 2, giving gamers a little bit of something to look forward to for the upcoming open-world Western title. And based on stats from the U.K., sales and the French sales, the Nintendo Switch is steadily moving units at a faster rate than the Wii. But can they keep up the sales momentum?


CIA Framed Russia For Hacks

The leaks from Wikileaks revealed that not only has the CIA been spying on people using smart TVs, smart phones, computers, webcams and game consoles. Well, security experts have chimed in to proclaim that the data not only shows that the CIA have also framed the Russians in some attacks on other companies in order to further the “Russian hacks” narrative. China also made it known that they have put sanctions on South Korea, banning entertainment from the country including video games, which ended up impacting Nexon’s share price in South Korea.


Kotaku Gets Caught Being Naughty… Again

Kotaku seems to have a fixation for being unethical like Eddie Murphy has a fixation on picking up chicks on corners packing boners. Just recently Chris Priestman was caught pimping a friend’s game while having financial ties to the individual. The details on the ethical lapse are laid bare and now it’s just a matter of DeepFreeze adding it to the list. If you attempt to boost in Overwatch for XP, you’re going to be banned by Blizzard. Why? They want you to grind in their diversity simulator… no fun allowed in the SocJus sim. And there’s a new study showing that violent video games don’t necessarily make you more aggressive or violent compared to normies. Oh yeah, and there’s a new Reservoir Dogs game on the way and it doesn’t look that hot.

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