Weekly Recap March 25th: Mass Effect Andromeda And Yooka-Laylee Racism Woes
Weekly Recap
(Last Updated On: March 25, 2017)

There have been two interesting developments regarding the topic of racism and gaming. On one hand, JonTron was involved in a debate and he said some things that some people construed as being racist. In result, the developers of Yooka-Laylee decided to kick him out of the game and remove the character he voiced. On the other side of the coin, a Mass Effect: Andromeda developer was openly racist towards whites for quite some time, and even had the support of BioWare’s managers, and he was neither fired nor reprimanded for his viewpoints, managing to ride out his contract confidently, like Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown ride with Paige.

This obvious dichotomy in how both situations were handled left ripples in the waves of the gaming industry, and many gamers weren’t pleased with the double-standards for how perceived racism was handled. Nevertheless, these stories and more ratcheted up a lot of heat across the gaming spectrum in this March 25th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Mass Effect Andromeda Racist Designer Leave

Manveer Heir has been officially confirmed to no longer be a part of BioWare Montreal. The developer who worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda. The general manager of the studio confirmed that Heir is no longer at the studio now that his work on Mass Effect: Andromeda is complete. Some issues with Nier: Automata is preventing some PC gamers from really enjoying the title, but don’t worry, modders are already on the case. The game Introvert Quest was reviewed by one of OAG’s staff, and you can check it out to see whether it’s worth buying, trying or skipping. Transformers: The Last Knight decided to try something different with its advertising… they wanted to promote the movie as being feminist, and oh boy did that create some great debates. And the game Scorn has been confirmed for home consoles, and it will arrive later on after the PC version is released.


Nier: Automata Takes Top Spot On Steam

Platinum Games and Square Enix should be happy to know that their hack-and-slash action-RPG Nier: Automata has managed to top the charts on Steam, even though there are some obvious launch day woes that modders are quickly trying to fix. A new survival game called Phantom is also on the way, allowing players a new kind of post-apocalyptic experience that’s not quite like other survival games on the market. One of the biggest issues that gamers have had with Mass Effect: Andromeda is trying to make attractive females. Well, some helpful gamers have put together some guides to help gamers make attractive females in Mass Effect: Andromeda. New details have emerged for Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red’s highly anticipated upcoming futuristic sci-fi RPG. And Mashable decided to place blame on a woman on Twitter for harassing another woman who allegedly did(n’t) work at BioWare on Mass Effect: Andromeda.


Nintendo Switch Continues To Sell Out

The Switch has managed to continue to sell out, even after new shipments have come in for retailers across North America. It looks like Nintendo may have a bona fide success story on their hands. And in more news regarding the Nintendo Switch, the upcoming Metroidvania game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will be moving over to the Switch after they cancelled the Wii U version. There’s a new uncensored mod for Senran Kagura: Estival Versus that removes the light bars so you can get a full look at the barbie-style figures of the buxom ninjas in the game. RPG Maker MV has been updated with an all new tileset builder to help designers further make RPGs. A new Battle Royale style game is on the way in late April called Islands of Nyne.


Outlast 2 Gets Banned And Unbanned By Classification Board

The Australian Classification branch from their arts and entertainment arm originally banned Outlast 2 over an implied sexual assault that happens off-screen. Well, after getting a major talking to by one Liberal Democrat, the Classification board decided to revert their ban on Outlast 2 and rate the game R18+, so now it’ll be releasing worldwide at the end of April. IGN, Kotaku and Polygon ended up getting skipped over when it came to whether or not they were trustworthy websites in OpenCritic’s top 15 list of the most trustworthy gaming sites of 2016. And researchers have claimed that the Nintendo Switch is 10 times more powerful than the original iPad… however impressive to you that might actually be remains to be seen.


Yooka-Laylee Devs Commit Financial Suicide

So how do you take all the goodwill you’ve built up and all the support you’ve received from your community and crowd-funding base and turn it into something valued at the worth of a dog turd? Well, you do what Playtonic did by first removing JonTron from their game over comments he made during a live-stream, and then you proceed to ban and censor the people who funded your project. That’s exactly what happened with Yooka-Laylee and now they’re dealing with the consequences. There’s a new guide for Warframe to get the new Warframe known as Octavia. The Nintendo Switch’s left Joy-Con desync issue has finally been addressed by Nintendo, and they say that there shouldn’t be any further problems with the system from now on. And Red Dead Redemption 2’s release date may have been leaked by a U.K., retailer.

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  • Disqusted

    Apparently Yookalaylee devs and Team17 are huge assholes, acting like children and banning/blocking/publicly ridiculing anyone who doesn’t approve of their unprofessional behavior. I think they’re emboldened by incidents like Mighty No 9 pulling the same shit and getting away with it. I saw someone point out that Team17 have been huge assholes since the Amiga days, though.

    A bunch of idiots who admit they don’t care and have no idea what’s going on are saying there’s nothing wrong with the devs and publisher shitting all over everyone’s faces. They say we’re the ones who need to calm down and stop making a fuss over nothing. And of course, other idiots are saying that citing statistics (factual or not) is baseless, unfactual and “racist”.

    Everything is “racist” now. It doesn’t matter if it actually is, or intended to be, or not. It’s still “racist”. It’s such a great idea to spend all our time getting upset at subjectively seeing “racism” everywhere. Can you imagine how much time we waste trying to root out 100% subjective “microtransgressions”? It’s like I always say, people in the West have literally nothing better to do.

    They say Jon Tron deserves all of this for talking about politics, or for saying what they personally think is “stupid/racist/insane/whatever”. The thing is, gamers and regular people have been driven into this position. None of us wanted politics in gaming, but it’s being shoved into our every pore. And now we are being attacked for even daring to speak out about it. What else can we do? Stay quiet and take it up the ass forever?

    I hear the Soros mainstream media is jumping on all of this to smear gamers again, very much like how they smeared PewdiePie. No surprise there. It’s easy to bash online gamers than get off their ass and do real journalism. Oh yeah, and I heard NeoGAF started this shit show. No surprise there, either. But we’re the toxic ones.

    So sick of how stupid people are. They have ZERO empathy. They will never understand or care about anything until they suffer it themselves. They never realize that their idea of what’s “racist” is defined and dictated to them, effectively turning them into “useful idiot” zombies that are trained to get offended at everything.

    If it weren’t for the rest of us, who aren’t brainwashed, acting as the voice of reason, they would have already destroyed themselves. It’s so tempting to just step back and let that happen.

    • Gozu Tennoh

      Preach brother.

      • Disqusted

        Did you just assume my gender? REEEEEEEEE

    • LurkerJK

      Mighty n9 did not get away with it, look at their expectations initially:
      They wanted sequels, an anime series, movies, toys, spin offs, paraphernalia and they had everything planned before even finishing the kickstarter, they even had trailers for the anime during the pitch, at some point they even wanted to make speed running it an esport!

      And the whole thing crashed and burned ending with a shitty, buggy, boring game, an useless franchise with no future, every extra thing scrapped and a bunch of ppl with their reputations on fire

      Inafune’s name is as toxic as Sean Murray today and nobody looks too happy about seeing the Comcept logo either.

      Outside of never finishing the game it was close to the worst that could happen to them without involving vigilante justice

  • LurkerJK

    I wonder what goes through their heads when they take an old franchise like megaman, baldurs gate or banjo kazooey completely banking on nostalgia, old fans and word of mouth, they work hard to convince them they are making good on their promises, gathering crowd sourcing money and good will … aaaaand then they decide to fuck with them and torch their potential customers and promoters

    What’s their best case scenario now ? The game being good and nobody giving a fuck?

    • Disqusted

      I am extremely suspicious of any f**ker who kickstarts saying “spiritual successor of something super popular”, especially when it often looks absolutely nothing like what they’re supposedly succeeding. It just sounds like a scam by assholes, taking advantage of fans.