Weekly Recap March 4th: Nintendo Switch Launch And Mass Effect Andromeda Nudity
(Last Updated On: March 4, 2017)

Horizon: Zero Dawn launched this week, and some controversy kicked off over its particular brand of feminism used throughout the story. That wasn’t the only big game that launched this week. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also launched this week, marking the release of one of the most highly anticipated games this year, and it launched alongside the Nintendo Switch, which has promptly sold out at most places.

BioWare tried staying relevant by claiming that they have strong sexual content and nudity in Mass Effect: Andromeda. It wasn’t news that was received very well given how unattractive gamers have claimed the characters to be, but it is what it is. These stories and more in this March 4th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Doom Sequel On The Table

After the smash hit success of Doom from last year, id Software has been riding high with a lot of praise for the badass first-person shooter. Well, the directors of the game have revealed that they’re already looking into a sequel, which is pretty much a no-brainer. Otome games are a popular niche over in Japan with female gamers, but they don’t quite have a stable grounding here in North America, but XSeed Games could change that if there’s demand for Otome games here in the West. Mike Pondsmith also revealed a bit more about the upcoming, and highly anticipated release of the action-RPG from CD Projekt Red, Cyberpunk 2077. And Warner Bros., may have a new Middle Earth game in the works called Middle Earth: Shadow of War due for announcement on March 8th.


BioWare Is Putting Full Nudity Into Mass Effect Andromeda

Even though they’ve gone out of their way to make the characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda seemingly unattractive as opposed to the cast of characters in the previous Mass Effect games, BioWare has said that there will be full nudity and a lot of space sex in the upcoming sci-fi epic. Ghost Recon Wildlands ended up having some tough frame rate issues on the Xbox One and PS4, but it runs decently on the PS4 Pro. Digital Foundry hopes there’s a day-one patch, but it’s probably best to wait for reviews from YouTubers before you dive into a day-one purchase. Also, a new beat-’em-up is on the way that actually relies on beating enemies using passive move instead of offensive attacks, and it’s called Way of the Passive Fist.


Horizon Vs Nier: Feminism vs Egalitarianism

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon takes a decidedly different approach to the way they convey their characters in the game compared to Platinum Games’ Nier: Automata. There’s a breakdown on how one focuses on feminism and the other uses egalitarianism to convey their very similar yet different stories. There’s a new Battle Royale type game in the works called Playerunknown Battleground that’s in closed beta testing, and it could be the new sleeper hit of the year if the devs play their cards right. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is expected to be revealed at a special event in Orlando. And here are the top 5 best .io games on the web right now.


Anti-#GamerGate Journalist Arrested By FBI For Death Threats, Harassment

The universe sure knows how to put everything in its place. A journalist who adopts progressive politics decided to harass, cyberstalk and send death threats to his ex-girlfriend for leaving him. This came after he condemned #GamerGate for being a harassment campaign. Former journalist Juan Thompson’s death threats, rape threats and cyberstalking did not go unheeded, and the SJW menace was promptly arrested by the FBI. There’s a new video up from the Game Theorist that theorizes that Nintendo could have an extra trick up their sleeve when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, and it could actually be VR capable. Yandere Simulator will be published by tinyBuild, and Sean Murray from No Man’s Sky fame is coming up with his own digital platform for indie devs, similar to Steam Direct.

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  • Disqusted

    Just saw this video about Switch issues. Are these all true? What the hell.

  • Disqusted

    I hear there’s a huge Obama scandal about to blow up, too. Something about funneling 3 billion dollars of taxpayer money through the Department of Justice and into extremist left groups like The Race and Black Lives Matter, and he also wiretapped Donald Trump prior to the election, possibly illegally.

    Don’t know how much of it is true, but if it is, it says a lot about everything, especially the mainstream media trying to ignore such a huge scandal again.

    • Also makes you think of the sheer lies, deceit, bias and political propaganda the mainstream media has gotten away with over the last 30 years before the Internet and the alternative media.

      • Disqusted

        Reminds me of how, I was asking a Japanese friend how Japan got the term “mass gomi”, ie. mass rubbish, from the term “mass komi”, ie. mass communication (mainstream media). Forgot the details now, but they basically said the mainstream got busted lying about shit a long while back, and that’s why Japanese people don’t really trust the mainstream (and call it “mass gomi”).

        Sure took a while for the West to get redpilled. I like to say stuff like, “the West is just as messed up/corrupt as other places, they’re just better at hiding their shit”.

      • LurkerJK

        They are throwing so much shit around you cant even tell whats true and whats not, they might think thats advantageous to them but the real result is that i just ignore everything the media says

        Trump could (for real) kill someone, have sex slave chained in the oval office or don a batman suit at night and nobody would believe it, dismissing it with the rest of the bullshit

        Haven’t they ever heard the “the boy who cried wolf” story ?

  • Keystone

    I will never stop enjoying how the FBI officially proved GG’s innocence and cleared them from virtually all the accusations anti-GG’ers threw at them; then arrested an aGG’er for doing the exact shit he accused gamers of doing.

    Karma is a mean bitch sometimes, ain’t she?

    • Fear Me I Am Free

      Did you just assume Karma’s gender?

      • Disqusted


  • *sigh* That header image actually makes me kinda sad.

    I miss you so much, Little Wing. At least I still have the memories…