Wikileaks Reveal CIA Spying Through TVs, Phones; DNC Fabricating Russian Ties

Kinect Spying

Wikileaks revealed their Vault 7 stash earlier today. It contains a number of documents revealing that the Central Intelligence Agency had (or still has) programs that are used to spy on everyday people through their televisions, their computers, their cell phones, and even their cars.

Over on the Wikileaks website they rolled out a press release discussing all the major topics in the leaks. There’s so much information to parse through that there TL;DR snippets floating around Twitter that gives you a basic idea of what the leaks contain. Twitter user General Halley offers a nice little visual chart of what you’ll find in Vault 7.

The CIA’s hacking programs included purposefully infiltrating consumer products with malware. All those conspiracy theories about the CIA spying on you through your consumer electronic device? Well, they’re no longer theories… they’re a fact… according to these Wikileaks documents.

In one document from October 2014 they reveal a program on how to remotely take control of vehicles. Wikileaks presumes this could be used for covert assassinations, but the document focuses not just on vehicles but also taking control of BSD, Linux, network routers, Solaris and more. They discuss whether or not they have or need a “flagship product” in which to distribute their stealth control systems.

They also link to their mobile development branch program, but the file is empty. The iOS, iPhone and iPad file is not.

The iOS hacking was fairly far along, showing ways that the CIA could manipulate and control Apple’s smart devices through remote access. If you think Apple’s products were the only ones at risk, think again. Google’s Android devices were also targeted, according to an android directory document.

The CIA could also take control of social media accounts, utilize webcams, and generally peep into the everyday lives of just about everyone. This isn’t too surprising given that we knew about some of this stuff based on previous leaks by Edward Snowden, some of which revealed that even seemingly harmless devices like the Xbox Kinect were susceptible to manipulation for spying purposes, as reported by Eurogamer.

Speaking of which… Snowden also chimed in and shared his expertise on the matter, pointing laymen to one of the more important and oftentimes overlooked documents… such as one that shows the USG attempting to keep software sold in the United States “unsafe”.

There are red lines in the image, so if you’re a Social Justice Warrior… you’ll probably get triggered.

The Free Thought Project also pointed to documents of the CIA interfering with French elections, and that they have been pulling the strings like puppeteers “for years”.

Additionally, users pointed to the Democratic National Committee sharing an e-mail from April 27th, 2016 where they discussed how they would use the Donald Trump and Russia connection as a means of propaganda, well before Trump won the primaries. Kelly Roberts from the Democratic National Committee writes in the e-mail…

“We don’t have a ton on Simes, but the pro-Russia stuff ties in pretty well to idea that Trump is too friendly with Putin/weak on Russia”

Roberts was keeping track of everyone Trump hired and where he was going to be campaigning. Roberts also popped up in previous reports about the Wikileaks e-mails, where Roberts mentioned that Clinton didn’t want the people to know about her ties to Wall Street bankers, as reported by Super Station 95.

This all puts the Russian propaganda into perspective, fitting alongside their other underhanded tactics such as hiring people to participate in “bird dogging”.

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