Win That War, Strategy Multiplayer Game To Hit Steam On April 7th
(Last Updated On: March 30, 2017)

Win That War is a strategy MMO game set in a 1950’s sci-fi alternate universe, where corporate planetary domination is key. Publisher and developer Insane Unity is set to release Win That War for PC via Steam Early Access on September 8th.

Insane Unity’s Win That War originally started as a Steam Greenlight game that looked interesting for what it was trying to accomplish. Now that the devs have polished up the sci-fi MMO game as of recent, the developers are looking to release the game on April 7th.

“Win That War! is a massive scale real-time strategy game, putting thousands of players at the heart of a single campaign of fierce galactic conquest. Discover new planets. Develop your arsenal. Strive to be the best to extend the domination of your corporation.”

The game sees players all striving for galactic conquest through sheer tactics, strategy and smart placement of soldiers and resources. Reaching to the far ends of the galaxy, players are tasked with finding rare resources and producing the greatest galactic economic power to seize universal control.

I’m curious as to how the MMO part will kick-in when the game opens up for the public? According to the devs the game will feature a campaign that involves other players in a persistent galaxy, but all in a real-time strategy setting — which seems very interesting.

The original trailer that comes a month after the Steam Greenlight video trailer sits below for you to look over, which reveals the core basics in Win That War.

I really do hope that the devs do a good job updating the community on new content and addressing any problems found in the game — seeing that it is one of the few decent Steam Greenlight titles. A strong bond with the community will not only be good for the game, but the fans supporting the RTS MMO.

Anyways, more info sits over on and the game’s newly posted Steam Early Access page.

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