Yandere Simulator Will Be Published By tinyBuild
(Last Updated On: March 3, 2017)

TinyBuild Games and the developer of Yandere Simulator have partnered together. The announcement wasn’t some big office thing rolled out through the red carpet of a fancy press release (or at least, I didn’t get anything about it). Instead, the developer of Yandere Simulator simply posted up a 10 minute long video explaining why he partnered with tinyBuild and what it means for the development of the game.

He starts off by apologizing to the audience for being super harsh on publishers and development studios in a previous video. He acknowledges that there are evil publishers (but he avoids naaming them… but since I’m not him I’m going to go ahead and say: Electronic Arts and Warner Bros., and LucasArts) and he acknowledges that there are good publishers, such as tinyBuild (I would also add CD Projekt Red, Team17, ChuckleFish, Versus Evil and Devolver Digital to that list). According to the Yandere Dev, he was fine with putting Yandere Simulator in the hands of tinyBuild because they have a strong track record of not screwing over developers or gamers.

Ultimately he decided that he wasn’t going to sign a contract that the devil didn’t spite.

He explains it in detail in the video below.

So just to recap for those of you who don’t feel like watching all 10 minutes:
Yandere Dev will retain full ownership of the Yandere Simulator IP
Yandere Dev will retain creative control over the game.
Yandere Dev will get a final say on merchandising.
And Yandere Dev can put a halt to any kind of promotion of the game he doesn’t like.

Additionally, there’s still no release date set and tinyBuild will be supply Yandere Simulator with additional support in the form of developers who will work on the stuff that Yandere Dev is having difficulty completing.

However, they will still need to crowdsource financing for the game, or launch Yandere Simulator onto Steam through Early Access.

For now, gamers seem to be fine with the idea of picking up a copy of the game for $15 if it does launch into Early Access.

TinyBuild managed some good success with Hello Neighbor and Punch Club, so they’re gunning for a repeat with Yandere Simulator. They definitely seem to have an eye for success.

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  • Alistair

    Speaking of censorship do not know if it true. There are qotues out there saying berserk banned of hawks is censored for western version.

    They total remove the rape scene and no boobs for you instead they upped the violence. It sad really sad as today you can’t get both.

    Besides I found violence more problematic then any sexual themes. And the cunts like femmists SJWs that in favor violence over sexual themes towands males.

    More problematic. let face it they okay with extreme violence and not cool with sexual themes shows them as hypocrites.

    Edit: if indeed berserk band of hawks is tone down in any way I will boycott the product.

  • Alistair

    It will be censored the guy did say, I can change things like there “no excuse” for killing as the game won’t reward you.

    No panty shots for money etc etc. There always be the “no excuse” when it comes to games.

    And twitch a SJWs cesspit pool didn’t like the content and banned.

    To get it unbanned it need to be heavily censored game and for that reason no reason for me to buy it.

    There don’t need a excuses in games as it irrelevant as it “does not depict real life” and anybody say it different is a total tool.

  • GodBowser

    I just hope there are no feminazis currently working for Tinybuild and if there are I’m sure he won’t let any get involved since he seems to already know what there like when he referred to them as “those people” in a previous video coupled with a montage of them acting like the bat shit crazy looneys that they are

    I wonder if Mighty No.9 might be used as an example of what happens when you let feminazis get involved in the development of your game?

    • I wonder if Mighty No.9 might be used as an example of what happens when you let feminazis get involved in the development of your game?

      This is one of the mysteries of the universe that will likely never be solved: would the game had still turned out to be crap if a better PR worked with the community and conveyed the concerns to Comcept? Would the game still have turned out to be crap even with a good PR bridging the communication gap between gamers and Comcept?

      We may never know.

      • GodBowser

        I should have know that thank you for clearing that up for me and I just though that since feminazis taint everything they touch

      • Phasmatis75

        I think it might have been mediocre instead of god awful. She censored a lot of the feedback complaining about the design choices being made.

        I’m surprised they haven’t just sued her to recoop all their losses.

    • I just hope there are no feminazis currently working for Tinybuild

      There’s always a white knight/feminist around every corner, so probably yes

      But whether or not they will ruin affect the game is another matter that remains to be seen

      • Phasmatis75

        Games already garbage now anyway.

  • Disqusted

    Yeah, I wouldn’t want the rights of my stuff to end up in the hands of assholes, either. Now if only he would just pronounce yandere properly. Whenever he says “yanderry” I keep thinking of “tonberry”.

    • Laytonaster

      Strangely enough, I don’t think the two would get along. Same M.O., but different motives.