10 Great Video Games for Adults

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For a fact, video games have been in existence for nearly half a century, since the early 1970‘s. The first ever coin arcade game known as Computer Space, was founded by Ted Dabney alongside Nolan Bushnell in Silicon Valley. In 1972, the classic Pong followed suit and became the first home-based video game. In the current era, programmers are always developing a cornucopia of games that are not only for kids but continuously explore complex adult ideas, thereby engaging older players on a more emotional and deeper level. Furthermore, these games are smarter and more of interactive art than time-wasting, brainless distractions. As such, here at One Angry Gamer, we have compiled a list of the top recommendations.

I Am Alive

It is a thrilling adventure revolving around the post-apocalypse world. The entire earth’s population has been wiped out, and you as the participant, are making a return to your home city, which consists of nothing more than dust and rubble. Thus, you require to climb, fight and scavenge your way to survive, while keenly monitoring your health as well as stamina. The other challenge is that there is a scarcity of available ammunition in an environment where the use of a weapon can prove to be significantly effective.

The Elder Scrolls V-Skyrim

Regardless of the fact that Skyrim attire can be a tad bit of a put-off, there is a ton of adventure which will carve an ear-to-ear smile on your face. For starters, not only is there a sorcery backdrop, but there are also swords and a plethora of dialogue options (60,000). Additionally, there is the requirement to break everything open, in an attempt to find valuable treasure, regardless of a dragon invasion. During the attack, players have the freedom of doing adult activities such as picking flowers, getting married or getting drunk in a bar. It is through this myriad of dialogue lines that the developers have the opportunity to explore deeper-rooted issues such as terrorism, racism and the interrelation of the state with religion.

One Chance

In this game, a scientist known as John Pilgrim alongside his team has accidentally generated a harmful pathogen which is destroying all living cells in the world. With that in mind, a player must make a vital choice on how to utilize the last six days left to live. A coterie of the options includes spending time with close friends and family or trying to discover a cure.  However, participants only get one chance to make a decision, and as such, there are no replays. Lastly, it facilitates a unique experience as there is only one ending for each game.


As the title depicts, it is a metaphor for life’s journey. It revolves around a robbed person (the participant) wandering aimlessly through a vast and sand-blown desert. Its backdrop is relatively straightforward and comprises of religious imagery with a touch of mystery. Furthermore, it comes with intuitive game controls permitting you to traverse forward as you find your way while giving you rewards for significant accomplishments.

Fire Emblem Fates

Tragedy falls both ways in this battle, irrespective of what the hero in you does. Your friends and family either die or regularly retreat. Nevertheless, it has cute cartoon kids who start off as friends and gradually become lovers. Additionally, it is one of the cruelest and ruthless but incredibly exciting death matches you will ever partake in virtually.

Forza Horizon III

Undoubtedly, it is indeed one of the most organic progression senses that you will ever come across in a racing game. As the player, you require being constantly on the move, while keeping an eye out for captivating activities. With a striking similarity to exploring cars abandoned in old barns, the development of Forza Horizon was to spark curiosity and fascination through exploration.

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