ARK: Survival Evolved 256 Patch Nerfs Flyers And Angers Gamers
ARK Survival Evolved 256

Studio Wildcard issued patch 256.23 and it wasn’t good. The ARK: Survival Evolved community ended up adding a bunch of stuff and nerfing some key dinosaur transports in the process.

Over on the Steam page Studio Wildcard detailed how patch 256.23 for ARK: Survival Evolved added a new underwater base toolset so you can create your own aquatic hideout, a new set of gear and armor, new dinosaurs to tame and new TEK to unlock. They even improved performance of the game by 20% with a new DirectX 12 mode for Windows 10 users. A video briefly covering all these new features was set loose in the public, which you can view below.

This should have made everyone happy right?


What they didn’t mention in the latest 256.23 patch notes on the changelog page is that they nerfed the flyers, specifically the quetzals to make traveling and resource gathering easier. Nerfing the stamina on the flyers means that it’s no longer possible to easily fly long distances in a short amount of time with flyers.

This issue managed to garner its own thread on the ARK sub-Reddit, but it’s in the comment section on the patch page on Steam where a lot of the unbridled and uninhibited fireworks from the community are let loose.

Some people have shot back that the only people complaining are a vocal, loud minority. However, this issue doesn’t just encompass those on the Steam page and Reddit threads, there are plenty of threads on the forums where people are arguing back and forth about the nerf to the flyers, forcing a lot of players to have to rely on ground-based dinosaurs instead.

A lot of the recent reviews from users have also been complaining about the change to the flyers.

Those aren’t fringe views, either. If you check the recent review tab you’ll spot lots, and lots, and lots of negative feedback regarding the latest update for ARK: Survival Evolved. Thousands of players seem to be p’od about the whole ting.

There’s a fairly sizable group of players asking for a rollback, so we’ll see if Studio Wildcard obliges.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available right now in Early Access.


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