Ark: Survival Evolved Update 257 To Bring New Dinos And Volcano Eruption

Studio Wildcard’s upcoming Ark: Survival Evolved update, known as “V257”, has a lot of fans worried about their stuff due to the eruption of the volcano set to kick-off soon. This semi-guide overview thing will hopefully put things into perspective regarding new dinosaurs and content for those of you who are out of the loop. Ark: Survival Evolved is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Keeping things concise, there will only be three main notes in bold: “Visual Guide“, “Developer Notes” and “Speculation, Release Date and Consoles” as seen below. You can skip to any of the three to freshen up and stay up to date regarding “V257”.

Visual Guide

If you want the full rundown through a visual guide as to what will be coming in Update 257, a video by SparreysWorld covers the four new creatures — Giant Bee, Daeodon/Hell Pig (my favorite), Liopleurodon and the Kentrosaurus — and where the volcano will be placed on the map so that you can make the right move when evacuating.

Developer Notes

According to Studio Wildcard the update will cause the servers to shut down for a little while so that the devs can implement all of Update 257 to the game, and when the servers are back up the huge crater at the top of the mountain will be an active volcano. Players who are logged off will be affected by the changes and destruction of the volcano, so it’s best to move your stuff and characters now.

Once everything is said and done, upon going back to the once bare and now active volcano, players will be met by a list of new content. The new update 257 content includes the Tek Cave, and calls for Boss and Alpha Predator trophies before accessing said area. Ascension, known as an endgame feature, will be opened to players who complete the Tek Cave, too.

Speculation, Release Date and Consoles 

The update is said to go up on Wednesday, May 3rd, and will go live for PC, which will likely see Xbox One and PS4 owners of Ark: Survival Evolved obtaining update “V257” like prior console updates. It’s speculated that the update could face a delay, but that’s not confirmed yet, only time will tell whether “V257” will arrive on May 3rd or not.

Ark: Survival Evolved is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.